Sort of a Real Post 

I promise to write a real post that at least covers how the latest pregnancy and all are going (uh, I’m pregnant again, FYI, for my readers that aren’t friends on FB), but for now I at least have this! Kidlett is 20 months now, to put it in some kind of context.
-Cats are MAOW, which must always be yelled as loud as possible. She also yelled it at the meerkats at the zoo today on her first Nana Camp Sunday.


-She started stomping more intentionally recently, and she just made her babies and Oswald stomp too while (as best she can) saying, “stomp stomp.”


-I asked her if she could get her baby’s blanket (they each have their own, which mustn’t be mixed up), and she looked from the baby to the blanket, gasped dramatically, and hurried over to get the blanket and bring it over to wrap around baby. Apparently it was very shocking that baby didn’t have her proper blanket.


-One of my current favorite things she does it point to totally random things in a book and call them all dogs or maows or bock bocks or what have you. I know she knows what they really are, so I think she’s trying to be funny. 


-That was about the sweetest thing ever. She was fighting sleep at nap time, then grabbed my face in both hands, pulled me down to her, and fell asleep. ☺️ She prefers to sleep with our heads touching at night too.


-She insisted on feeding her baby a blueberry, then picked her up and ate the berry directly from her mouth. 😆


-One thing I love about cosleeping is getting to hear her talk in her sleep. I’m in bed but reading and she just pointed straight in front of her and said “water.” She frequently says mama/daddy/Nana, and sometimes no no no, which I don’t like because I’m afraid she’s having a bad dream.


-Last night she started fussing/crying, but without fully waking up. That kind of super tired and just want to sleep but something (upset tummy? bad dream?) won’t let her crying. It was really pitiful. But what was interesting to me was that as I was trying to cuddle her to soothe her, she deliberately took my hand and put it on her foot (her way of asking for a foot rub). And it worked. I rubbed her feet and she went right back to sleep and was totally settled. It’s so neat that even half asleep she knew what she needed and how to ask for it. Kids can start communicating with us so much earlier than most people realize.


-Apparently with her stacker pieces, she’s figured out that the holes go all the way through. So as long as she can see a hole on top, she should be able to put the piece on. Except one of them doesn’t go all the way through. And she will not turn it over! She insists the hole be on top. It’s so interesting to see the “rules” kids develop to understand how the world works, and how they have to adapt them.


-We left her tree up in the playroom after Christmas because she loved the trees so much that I couldn’t bring myself to put them all away. The plan is to have it be for all holidays, although Easter is the only one I’ve managed. They just didn’t have any good heart ones for Valentine’s and I wasn’t up for making them. But the dollar store Easter eggs look pretty cute. Now to stop her yanking the ribbons off of them so they can continue to actually hang. (Update- The original styrofoam eggs have been thrown away. I was out of the room talking to Christopher, and when I came back 4 or 5 of them had bites taken out of them. Thankfully I was able to match all the pieces up so she didn’t swallow (or worse, choke on) any of it. She kept trying to snatch them up and bite them (saying “bite!”) when I was gathering them up to throw them away, and she still keeps pointing at the tree saying bite even several days later. I got some hard plastic ones to try, so we’ll see how that goes.)


-I let her sort of help me cook for the first time! I was making hamburger helper (I know 😬) and I let her dump in the pasta (dumping is on her list of most fun things ever, so she was excited) and stir it a little. I really should have started having her help sooner, but I just didn’t give it much thought. I think I was waiting till she actually understands, but why wait? She enjoys it now. I want to get her a kitchen helper so bad! But it has got to be the kind that collapses down so I can only have it out when I want her to help. It’s bad enough she’s so tall she can reach half of what’s on the counter already. Thankfully for some reason it hasn’t occurred to her that the things she uses to climb into the big chair in the playroom (mostly her little chair, but occasionally boxes or even packs of diapers) could easily be carried into the kitchen to let her reach everything she wants. I don’t need to make it any easier on her to get into things she shouldn’t!


-It’s official. My kidlett is the sweetest of them all. I saw on the monitor that she was starting to wake up (early) from her nap, so I went in. As soon as I walked in she gave me the sweetest little sleepy smile. I laid down next to her and she rolled towards me, reached out with both arms and cuddled up to my face, sighed “momma,” and went back to sleep. Pretty sure that makes up for being up wide awake for hours in the middle of the night last night. 


-Also on the subject of how sweet my girl is, she’s started giving so many kisses! Tonight during bedtime she pulled my face down to hers and gave me 5 kisses. And even better, she’s started giving Eskimo kisses (Update- we are now calling these nose kisses). But seriously, there’s almost nothing cuter than a toddler grabbing your face and rubbing her little nose on yours. Love the affectionate toddler loving!


-It’s fascinating how much Lily has to say these days. You think of a kid with relatively few words (maybe 50-75?) and no sentences as not being ready to communicate a ton beyond “I want that” and “I see something.” But at bedtime, as best I can tell, she really wants to talk about her day. Like today she kept saying whee (her word for slide) and daddy. This morning Christopher took her to the park and they went on the slides a lot. I usually do my best to repeat back what I think she’s telling me (“daddy took you on the slides?”) and ask her about it (“did you have fun on the slides?”). She only does her “yes” giggle some of the time (have I mentioned how much I love that she still does the giggle instead of actually saying yes?), so I assume I’m interpreting her correctly. Who knows? But she seems to enjoy our conversations, such as they are.


And some pictures, because I don’t really have ones that make sense with any of the things above.


Her first time expressing a real interest in digging in the dirt! I want a sandbox for her!


I walked in and she was so proud to show me she “put on” her shoes. 😄

Apparently lotion is delicious. She loves to lick it off her hands. 🙄😆

Pretty sure the highlight of having Grandaddy and Aunt Kat visit was getting to use the water fountain for the first time.


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