Lily’s Words

I promise I have some actual blog posts in the works, but for now here’s the list of all the words Lily knows. I tried to spell them how she says them, but she makes some sounds that have no real English spelling. 

Lily’s Word List
Feb ’17

-mar (more)




-bain bain (really somewhere between bean and bain- green bean, possibly all beans)

-yock (sock)


-dog (pronounced dōg)

-MAOW (cat (see also bunnies or anything with whiskers))

-bock bock (chicken)

-moo (cow)

-neigh (horse)

-boon (prune or spoon)




-yow (get up/off/out/???)

-nana/nanana (Nana, banana, and moon)

-dar (car)

-bain (plane/train)

-whee (slide (noun and verb))

-reen (pronunciation can’t be spelled, it’s actually somewhere between an R and W, also usually in threes- read read read)

-rar (bear/dinosaur/anything that roars)


-oswald (oswald, also Mickey or Minnie)

-bal/wal/wow (Val (our dog))

-dink (Link (our other dog))

-baby (baby, also BB8)

-yoyo (Yoda)

-dee (tree, also leaves and any plant)

-waader (water)

-boo (poo/Pooh bear)


-deown (down)

-bee (bee and brush teeth)

-eeeee (belly button)

-dock (duck)

-yeah (sometimes ooooh yeah, which we don’t know where she got)

-brrrrr (squirrel and bird)

-nom nom

-dum dum (Darth Vader and the imperial march)

-wone (phone)

-ba (box)

-dump (referring to dumping all of her binkies on her head- update, she now generalizes to any kind of dumping, water, food, etc)

-ooo/yooo (shoe)

-boun (bounce)

-oh ho (Santa)

-bu (shorter ooo sound than boo- boots)

-raf (giraffe)

-domp (stomp)

-gar (star, but sometimes other shapes too)

-ight (light)

-ome (home)

-arr (hard (difficult))

And a few pictures for good measure.