Happy Thoughts 

Trump has me all pissed off, so time to focus on the happy things going on with my girl!


-It’s fascinating to watch how she changes the way she plays with things. Like her stacker. Initially she just pulled all the rings off. She chewed on them and discovered they make fun noise if you bang them together. Then she eventually figured out she could put them back on. So she’d sit and put the same one on and take it back off over and over. At some point after that it occurred to her that she could put more than one back on. And most recently she apparently figured out how to put them in the right order. She doesn’t do it every time, but often enough it’s not a fluke. All these different ways of playing with one toy, and I’m sure she’ll figure out more! (Maybe making patterns with the colors/sizes? She has more than one stacker, so she’ll have a lot to work with.)


-It’s really interesting that she has apparently learned what clapping sounds like. When there’s clapping off screen on tv, she’ll stop what she’s doing and clap along.
-The kidlett is currently chasing the kitty, backwards. She discovered that she can crawl backwards (deliberately; she did used to do it accidentally when she was first learning to crawl), and she’s been doing it a lot. Today she’s doing it to chase the kitty. Not a bad plan really, since kitty runs away slower when she doesn’t realize she’s coming for her.


-It’s so neat how she’s really starting to communicate what she wants more. Like today she had me pick her up, directed me to the front door, then reached for the storm door handle (and cried when I tried to put her down without taking her outside). And she’s getting better at really understanding. I told her to wait just a minute while I peed and changed shoes, then we would go outside, and she calmed down. Still seemed anxious, like she wasn’t 100% certain we were going out, but she waited patiently. 


-It’s also interesting to see her preferences on things develop. Like she gets really upset if I try to cover her legs up with a blanket when I hold her to get her down for her nap. I have no idea why. I do cover them up after she falls asleep, and it doesn’t bother her, but as soon as she wakes up she kicks the blanket back off. And she used to like being cuddled up against me basically in a nursing position to fall asleep, now she likes that for taking her bottle but she insists on rolling onto her back (in my arms) so that both arms are free before she’ll fall asleep.


-Arg. Not everything she learns is good. She’s realized that when the dogs really freak out, at least some of the time it’s because someone (Daddy or Nana mostly) is here. So now when they bark she looks excitedly to the window. But they bark at everything! So I feel bad that she’s disappointed most of the time.


-I think I mentioned that when she does something she’s not supposed to, she shakes her head no as she goes to do it (frequently looking at me directly and shaking her head). Today she started to climb in her white shelf thing, shook her head no, and stopped. I’ve never actually told her no on that, but she’s gotten stuck a couple of times (and cried), so apparently she’s telling herself no on that one!


-If you ask her if she wants to do something she likes (brushing her teeth, going outside, etc) she gets excited and does this particular giggle. Today as I was unbuckling her to take her inside for story time, I asked her if she wanted to go to the library and she did the giggle. I love that she loves it already! Books are the best.


-I noticed this week (at two different play areas) that she seems to be climbing higher and more confidently. She’s loved to climb for a while, but she was really moving! I finally realized that she’s using her feet more, instead of relying on her knees to push herself up. I’m assuming this comes from walking more. When she crawled, her climbing was essentially crawling upwards, so now that she’s walking she’s making better use of her legs and feet.

She was actually a lot higher, but she gets down the second I try to take a picture every dang time

-It’s amusing how much she’s started hooking things on her legs. Bracelets and headbands mostly, but really anything she can get around there. She currently has three headbands around her ankle.


She also apparently figured out how to put things around her neck. Awesome.

-Just came to bed and the baby was sleeping with her arms flung up over her head, completely sideways with her feet on Christopher. We’re a perfect bedsharing stereotype.


-She’s getting so much better at communicating! Unfortunately her go to “I want something” noise sounds like an upset (and rather whiny) baby dinosaur. It’s honestly super annoying, and she did it pretty much non-stop today. In her defense, she had a rough day (we’re officially giving up any attempts to get her on cow’s milk based products instead of formula. Maybe we’ll try almond milk. She’s constipated and puked after just a few ounces of kefir in the last two days). But I’ve got to work on finding a better way for her to let me know she needs something! But the flip side to it is that when you ask her if she wants something, her way of saying yes is the aforementioned super adorable giggle. I guess it’s a fair enough trade off. Update- She just signed “more!” I decided to get more serious about teaching her signs to work on stopping the baby dinosaur noise, and it seems to have worked. Christopher swears she signed “water” this morning, and I’m pretty sure she’s been doing all done for a while. Eek! She picked them up so fast, it’s exciting! (She’s doing “all done” now too!) 


Gratuitous cuteness.

This is what having a toddler is- adorable giggles in the middle of a giant mess

Poor ole Link is so patient

Toe licking goats!

She loves to wave, but it almost seems sarcastic it’s so tentative

Puppy kisses are the best!