Updatey Stuff 


-Well, that was a (rather inevitable) first. She had a granola bite that she was working on eating very slowly, taking it out of her mouth periodically and looking at it, then putting it back. The puppies were crowded around her, clearly hoping she’d drop it. And apparently she did, because next thing I knew, she was crying, one dog looked happy (and the other rather put out), and the granola bite was nowhere to be seen. Oh well. She had to learn that they steal food sooner or later.


-She’s really into imitating sounds lately. Not so much the sound itself, but the quality of it (high or low pitched, loud or soft). It’s adorable when she’s just copying us talking, but it’s occasionally hilarious. Like when a character on my audiobook (been listening to books lately to help combat the fact that playing with a toddler isn’t just riveting most of the time) was whispering, and she started whispering too. Or when I belched rather loudly, and she started growling at me. Or when I was singing loudly in the car and she just screeched at the top of her lungs the whole time. Or when I blow on a bite of food to cool it, she starts blowing too (which admittedly isn’t precisely a sound, but I think it counts). Growling is her particular favorite. She growls at any low noise, including but not limited to the dogs, me making pig noises at her, thunder, airplanes passing, particularly gruff sounding characters on my audiobooks, burps (as previously mentioned), and plenty more that I’m forgetting.


-Yesterday when I went to get her jammies to get her ready for bed, I came back to find her with one arm out of her shirt. I don’t know how it happened or how intentional it was, but I’m guessing nekkie baby is coming. Once she can get out of her clothes on her own, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to keep her dressed.


-Today has been a bit of a big day. Went to story time (probably not the best idea since she’s still got a cough, but I couldn’t handle another day of not getting out of the house, and she loves it so much), and this was the first time she clapped during the songs that call for clapping. She’s been able to clap for a long time, but only very recently started actually doing so during songs, and never at story time before. Then when we got home she had a big time climbing on her car seat, which she’s never really done before (she’s started climbing out when I unhook her, but not just playing). Then later she climbed up and sat in one of her little chairs (we got her a table and chairs for her birthday) all by herself. Then got down and moved it so she could sit and look outside. Then tried to stand in it (😳😣). All very impressive stuff. 😄

-I love when she is drinking her milk, and gets distracted so that she turns to do something else, and a few seconds/minutes later remembers her milk and gives me a “I was drinking that!” fuss like I’m the one who took it away. Also, when she spits out the bottle to put her binky in her mouth, then acts annoyed at me that I stopped feeding her. 


-This morning apparently she was too squirmy after a diaper change so Christopher left her pants off. A few minutes later she came up to him, handed him her diaper, and crawled off with a little nekkid booty. I was not looking forward to her figuring out how to get her diaper off! And she’s gotten her arm out of her shirt twice now. We are going to have a naked baby problem very soon.


-Well, she discovered she can push the ottomans around, and that she can use them to climb up to higher things (including using the smaller one to get on top of the larger). Developmentally I’m sure this is a good thing, but she’s going to turn my hair grey with all this climbing! I can’t decide if this is better or worse than her fascination with standing on her little chairs. Either way, we have an actual climber coming this week. It’s officially for ages 18mo+, but I think she can handle it. We need to channel this climbing! At least the pushing the big ottoman around seems like good work on walking, not to mention working off some energy!


-I think I finally really got her toys organized in a way that works well for us both. I have two bins of loose small toys, everything from various bottle and jar lids to small stuffed animals. Then I have two bins of big more specific toys, like her shape sorters and ring stackers and puzzles. At any given time I have 2-4 of the bigger toys out, and a small basket with 5-10 of the smaller ones. There are also some random places I stick some small ones (like the little bins under her chairs) for her to find if she happens to look. I make note of what she’s playing with and what’s she’s ignoring, and when I pick up in the evening I put away the ones she’s lost interest in and replace them (usually every few days, not daily). Even with weekly toy rotation I was finding that she had so many toys out that she ignored most of them, other than to pull them out and make a mess. This is working much better. I still have all of her books that are at least close to age appropriate out, and she pulls most of them out (and looks at them) every day. I think once I make a used bookstore run and get a few more I may start rotating those as well. So far it’s working very well. I’ll have to be sure to dig down in the loose toy bins so that the things on the bottom get out some, but overall it’s a good system.


-It’s amazing how long she can spend with one of the little medela bottles from the NICU and a lid, putting them together and taking them apart, over and over. They’re screw on tops, and she hasn’t figured out how to screw them on, but as long as she gets it on square it stays pretty well until she pulls it back off. She has some other things with lids that she opens and closes, but she always comes back to those little bottles.


-She’s also in love with emptying the diaper bag and my purse, so I gave her my old owl bag. It’s technically a kid’s backpack anyway, so it probably ought to be hers. But anyway, I load it up with random things, including my old wallet filled with empty gift cards and things, and she has a ball emptying it. She’s spent at least the last 10 minutes on it. I leave it almost completely zipped shut, so it’s practice at opening a zipper too. She spent another solid 10 minutes just opening and closing the outside zipper pocket on it today. The owl is a hit.


-Just signed her up for her first music class! It’s stupid expensive, but I think she’ll love it. She really enjoys the music at story time. This will involve instruments and things, so it should be fun. Less fun for me, to be honest. I’ve been to a Music Together class as a nanny and I’m not a huge fan since I have to dance. Anyone who knows me knows this is not a good thing. But oh well. She’ll have fun and it’s good for her, and both of us are happier if we get out of the house plenty. So music class it is.


-I made her first sensory bottle! It’s not a rousing success in my opinion (we’ll see what she thinks tomorrow when she finds it in her playroom- Update- she’s thinks it’s vaguely interesting, but not super worth playing with). I just did oil and colored water, and the proportion of oil to water isn’t right. I also just used a small soda bottle, and something with straight sides would definitely work better. But it’s a pretty shade of purple and looks neat if you shake it, so hopefully she’ll at least be a little interested. So far she’s has fairly little interest in any sensory activities, but they break up the day and one of these days I’ll hit on one that she really likes. Soon I plan to try out finger painting. She still sticks everything in her mouth, so I’ll use baby cereal and food coloring. I have some lovely colors available from all of my cookie decorating. I’m not a huge fan of kids eating artificial colors (I used natural food coloring for her smash cake), but I don’t think she’ll actually ingest much. Hopefully she at least gets the idea and has some fun with it!


-I just changed Lily’s diaper. She had been playing with her sippy cup of water, and her pants were soaked. So I figured I’d leave them off for now. There’s no real need for pants at home after all. She sat and unhappily waved her pants (which I left sitting by her changing pad) at me until I came back and put them on her. Then she just went back to playing!


-That was interesting. She just hit her head hard on the corner of a shelf. She was in my lap but she overbalanced too fast for me to intervene. It clearly hurt a lot, and she was very upset (I hate that so much!). But what was interesting was what came after. She stayed in my lap, and we were reading a book, when all of a sudden she pushed the book away and moved back over towards the corner of the shelf. She looked at it and started crying again. She spent several minutes off and on crying while looking at the corner that she hit and touching it. I guess she didn’t really understand what happened, and needed to process it. Kids are fascinating.


-I don’t regret letting her get dependent on the binkies (though that may change when it comes time to get her off of them), except when she has a stuffy nose. It’s so pitiful and frustrating to see her wanting it but having to immediately spit it out because she can’t breathe.


-She stood unassisted for real twice today! She’s kinda sorta been trying to let go of things lately, but she really did it, for a good 10 seconds! She seemed proud of herself. (Update- Standing way more, and starting to sort of take that one lurching step when she’s not *quite* able to reach from one hand hold to the next.)


-It’s both amusing and frustrating how much she varies in her willingness to eat. One day it’ll be milkies or starve. She does not like real food, she does not eat real food, and anyone who tries to give her real food is clearly a crazy person. Another day she’ll eat 3 or 4 pouches, but acts like actual solids are poison. Then days like today where she won’t touch a pouch, but she’s had half a banana and two slices of apple just since we got up a couple hours ago. And then some days she eats any and every thing. Impossible to predict.

Well, she wants to eat anyway


-Eek! She figured out her stacker! We don’t believe in teaching her how to use toys the “right” way, so we’ve just been keeping it available to play with and letting her do her thing. Up until now she’s just pulled all the rings off to play with individually. But now just out of nowhere she’s totally got it down! She’s taking the rings on and off over and over, and seems pretty pleased with herself. Go Lils!


-Lily apparently prefers to sleep facing a bit to her left. When Christopher isn’t in bed with us (he’s had a nasty cough the last few days, so he’s slept in the other room to keep from keeping us awake all night), that means she generally sleeps in her own space, a bit away from me. But when he is in bed at night, she mostly prefers to sleep wrapped around his face. She turns on her side, grabs his hair or ear, and just cuddles up. Pretty sure it’s not the most comfortable for him, but oh goodness it’s the cutest.

And a bunch o’ random pictures for good measure!

She got stuck 😄

Not a fan of the slide yet, but she loves sending her puppy down

Tried the cloud dough again- apparently the problem the first time was that she wasn’t sitting in it

Toy boxes are for sitting in

As are laundry baskets

Getting braver at the (free!!) indoor playground

She loves taking pictures of the baby in the phone

I guess there’s no reason *not* to open cabinets with your mouth

First time on the carousel!

She totally forgot she had Daddy’s hat on

Here Daddy, you eat some

She loves playing in water, but mostly just to drink it!

Climbing at the mall!

She spent about a week doing headstands, then totally lost interest

Stuck in the cat cave

And one throwback, because oh my goodness those cheeks!