I said I’d write about her birthday next, and obviously I haven’t, but at this point I’ve gone so long without updating that I need to just post something. So the birthday will come later. I’m already going to be super mad at myself in years to come that I’ve been slacking, no need to make it worse. (Though I’ve been using Qeepsake and that will help since it has some it good tidbits.)


-I asked her if I could have a bink and opened my mouth. She just looked at me so I asked again and she held it up to my mouth!


-She’s developed this love of sitting and leaning back against things. She gets so excited and bounces every time she realizes she’s in a spot for it.


-She’s started to like having a binkie in her hand as well as her mouth while falling asleep. It started with her just holding it. Then she started rubbing her eyes with it. (And she unintentionally put herself to sleep more than once by forcing herself to close her eyes with the bink.) Now she’s started putting it in MY eyes. And she’s fallen asleep that way!


-We’ve finally started making it to story time on a regular basis (if two weeks a habit makes), and she loves it! She liked it before, but she’s really having a blast now. She loves watching all the other kids, and the singing. The best moment was yesterday, when we first sat down (on the floor), before everyone got there. She was clearly curious, so she’d start to crawl away, then she’d look back. Some of the time she’d come crawling back, and others she just made eye contact, smiled, and kept going. She never got far, but she seemed so happy to get to explore a little, and I loved the “you still there, Mommy?” of her looking back. 


-I see “reasons why my toddler is crying” memes floating around occasionally. You can add “because I wouldn’t let her put her hands and binky in one of the grossest poops she’s had” to the list. Eww.


-She’s started taking pretty consistently long naps (though it still varies how many per day she has). This is overall good, but since I still hold her for naps it can be a bit of a problem for my tiny bladder. But I’ve gotten to where I can almost always accurately gauge what part of a sleep cycle she’s in and time it so that I set her down when she’s so sound asleep she doesn’t even stir. It’s gratifying to feel like I know her so well.


 -I stuck her bink on a luggage tag thinking she’d try to get it off. She just rolled with it.


-She’s developed a fascination with lids. Well, she’s always loved lids, but she suddenly seems aware that they go on the tops of things, and wants to put them back on when they’re off. Unfortunately she’s nowhere close to actually able to put them on, but it’s fun to watch her try. 

She’s also gotten super vocal. Here she’s just hollering about how exciting that lid is.



-She’s also suddenly in the last couple days started wanting to crawl under/between things. Mostly legs, but also under the chair (she got stuck), between the couch and the ottoman (also stuck), etc. We may have to get her one of those collapsible tunnel things.  


-Though her favorite thing in the world right now is taking things out (and to some degree putting them back in). Every day, multiple times per day, I load up my little backpack, my old wallet, and the little cooler that came with the breast pump full of things she can pull out. I don’t leave them fully open, so she has to work a bit to get things out. She’s entertained for a loooong time.

-I’ve been trying to do more sensory things with her. So far we’ve tried dry rice (delicious, apparently), (taste safe) cloud dough (less delicious, but fun to throw around), dry pasta (good for taking in and out of cups), and water. The water has been her favorite. She didn’t love the baby pool, but the hose makes her very happy. So we’ll be doing more of that, especially on these hot days. 


-It’s time (past time really) to be serious about getting her off of the bottle. And it’s just pissing me off all over again about nursing. This shouldn’t even be a damn issue. We should never have had to put her on a bottle to begin with. It’s stressing me out and pissing me off and grumble grumble grumble. Anyway. She got super constipated on our first attempt with cow’s milk, but we’re giving it a second go these last few days with better results. For now I’m going to prioritize getting her to stop needing a bottle before she’ll sleep. I’m hoping I can start by getting her to take the bottle before we cuddle in bed, as a separate part of the routine, then work on reducing the amount/switching it to non-formula. I don’t know what to do about the middle of the night. She still wakes up twice for 4oz bottles, and I’ve tried getting her back to sleep with no bottle with zero success. She seems to legitimately be hungry. I guess for now I’m not worried about that, since I’m not going to let her go hungry and I don’t feel like it’s a priority yet. At least she’s finally showing decent enthusiasm for solids. She still doesn’t seem to understand that when she’s hungry, food will help (she just wants a bottle when she’s really hungry, even a sippy cup won’t do), but she likes to eat and presumably she’ll eventually make that connection. (Though speaking of sippy cups, she found the lid- just the lid- of one the other day, and got very mad when “drinking” from it didn’t work.)


-She loves her kitchen cabinet! We finally got the kitchen entirely baby proof, so she can go in there as she pleases. She’s learned that her cabinet isn’t locked, and that I keep some containers of things like bottle lids for her to play with in there. She’s in heaven every time. 


-We’re going to try Gymboree soon, I think. She’s working on dropping to one nap (slowly- she’s still in the phase where she’s really tired with just one but two screws up bedtime), and I’m finding the days much longer. Two naps broke things up more nicely. With just one, I’m getting kind of bored. Story time helps, so I figure why not add one other scheduled activity that I think she’d like. Other days we can do free things, like the play area at Opry Mills, the park, or the interesting looking free indoor playground I’ve been meaning to check out. But it’s easy to put those off so having a couple that we sort of have to go to will keep me from sitting around the house too much. Especially in this heat when the park isn’t too appealing!

Gratuitous cuteness!

Daddy’s hat! I swear she looks like his cousin, Aimee, here.


Third time’s the charm. She finally enjoyed swinging!

Climbing like a little monkey!


Nothing is safe anymore. She can get to it all.

Definitely not my bald baby anymore!