Sorry for the long delay

Random Thoughts 17
-I watched a lot of Full House as a kid, and I remember there was one episode where Michelle (about age 2) had a tape player she carried everywhere that played Baby Beluga on repeat. And it drove everyone nuts so someone either destroyed the tape or hid it, but she was so sad that they replaced it (or gave it back). I’m feeling a lot of sympathy for them right now. I’ve had that stupid song stuck in my head for days! 


-I’m hoping to be done pumping before we go on Christopher’s company trip this year. We leave the day after her first birthday, so assuming I save some frozen, I should be able to have her officially have milk through her entire first year, even if we did have to supplement. But I have really confusingly mixed feelings about pump weaning. I’m SO ready to be done. I’d love to go Office Space on this stupid pump (though it’s a rental, so that would not be a good idea). But at the same time it makes me sad. Maybe because my baby is growing so fast? More likely because it’s the last connection I had to nursing. I had planned to do extended nursing, so I wouldn’t be weaning now if she were. So quitting pumping feels weirdly like giving up, even though I gave up a long time ago! But I’m not up for continuing. If I were still getting enough that we didn’t have to use formula anyway, I might keep going until she was 100% off of milk, but as it is it’s not worth it. And despite the mixed feelings, the happy part of me is SO EXCITED to have just a month or so of pumping left! 


-This sitting up thing is crazy! Most skills she’s learned slowly. Like she rolled over once, almost by accident, then it was days before she did it again, and weeks before she mastered it. Sitting up, she mastered within 24 hours. She’s still primarily tripod sitting (bracing with her hand(s) on the ground), and I think sitting totally without bracing will take longer, but she has zero trouble pushing up into a sitting position now. She even scoots around (backwards) on her butt! And she’s clearly working on climbing and pulling up. She still gets on her hands and knees and rocks, but no real crawling so far. She might army crawl a few inches if something is just out of reach, but if it’s more than that she just spins and rolls. I can’t tell if she can’t get enough traction to crawl, or if she just hasn’t realized it’s possible to go forward instead of sideways to get to things! (Update- few weeks later and she’s sitting 100% perfectly, crawling all over the place, pulling up, cruising, and letting go with one hand while standing so I’m pretty sure standing unassisted and waking are very close.)


Standing up! Unfortunately, all this activity means lots of bruises from falls.


 -Happy 7th Anniversary to us! It’s weird to think we’ve been together for a third of our lives, and married for over a fourth.


-Speaking of, we went to Chattanooga this weekend to celebrate! (And I meant to come back and fill in details and I didn’t and now it’s already hazy. Whoops. But it was a great trip.)

We got to see Rock City!

She passed out at Ruby Falls

Took her swimming for the first time! I promise she enjoyed it more than that face would suggest.


  -Pump weaning is weird. The left side is down to almost nothing, maybe a quarter of an ounce twice per day (it used to be 2-5 ounces multiple times per day). I can think back to when I started, when the amount I’m getting now was SO exciting because I had been getting just drops at a time previously. Now it’s like I’m doing the whole process in reverse. A lot more mixed feelings now though.


-She’s working on all kinds of new skills! She’s climbing and pulling up and sort of crawling and sitting totally unassisted (no tripod) and shaking her head no (well, she rarely hears “no” so I think it’s more shaking her head to indicate she doesn’t like something; I doubt she has any real concept of “no” specifically) and putting things in and out of other things (baskets mostly) and lots of weird noises. It’s pretty cool to watch. Though the climbing means pumping has gotten way more interesting. The pump wears a jacket most of the time, with the tubing through the sleeves. It’s much less fascinating that way (apparently).


-Speaking of sitting up, I was expecting her to be pleased to be able to play with things more easily in a sitting position, but I didn’t take into account that she’s a little monkey who uses her feet as extra hands. She rarely stays sitting to play with things- she usually immediately lays down and rolls on her back so she can use her feet to hold whatever she has and then explore/manipulate it further with her hands. She hasn’t really figured out gravity yet though, so she gets frustrated when she’s holding a basket with her feet and it’s too sideways/upside down for the things she puts into it to stay. 

  -Made more changes to her room. It’s almost 100% now. I’ve removed pretty much everything that could be a danger, and moved things I want her to have access to down to her level. Especially now that she can climb up on her floor bed I wanted it to be really HER room. Nurseries are mostly parent-centric, and not super geared towards safe play. But we’re really getting there now! I’ve been enjoying doing some mental planning of her future play/homeschool room too. Hopefully we’ll be in a bigger place by then, and will have a finished basement or something similar we can use. But if not I think our dining room here would work fine. I have big plans! 

-Update- I wrote that a few weeks ago. Then I thought of a way to redo pretty much the whole house. So my mom and I moved all the furniture while Christopher was out of town (got his approval first, and yes, we did it all ourselves, even the king sized bed!) and now she no longer has a nursery but she has a huge play room so it’s awesome. Eventually we’ll finish cleaning out the office and repaint it and it’ll be her room, but since she sleeps with us anyway it’s not like she needs her own room as long as she has a playroom. I’m so happy with it now!


-I was just thinking, I’m good with being an optimist. Maybe I’ll be disappointed more, and maybe it can make me seem unrealistic or naive sometimes. But expectations color our perceptions. When you expect something to suck, you tend to see only the negatives. So I officially expect nothing to suck. 😄


-I mentioned before that I sing “Into the West” from Return of the King to her before bed. The other day the actual song came on Pandora, and she immediately stopped playing and looked up. It was pretty adorable. And it’s cool that she’s able to make that connection!


-She officially crawled! She’d done a lot of kind of crawls, one or two “steps” etc, but today she just straight up crawled like 4 feet. Of course, she stopped the second I tried to video it, but it was for real! 


-Even though she’s now crawling, which you’d think would be the best way to get around, she still does other stuff. Her methods of locomotion include crawling (obviously), rolling, scooting on her butt, laying on her back and pushing off with her feet, and my favorite, laying on her side and humpy scooting forward. She never does it long enough to catch on video but it is seriously hilarious. 


-Sorry this post is kind of a mess with mentioning new skills out of order and things. I’ll try to do better! And after her birthday is officially passed I’ll do a post covering her cake smash, party, and actual birthday. But for now here’s a bunch of pictures!


So proud of herself!

I handed her the ball and she immediately bit it so hard she shook (it’s very squishy), then licked it all over. Weirdo.


Her first time climbing on her floor bed unassisted.

She likes the baby in the camera

Trying to fit things through the hole

Zoo when my sister and Grandpaw came to visit. She’s yet to stay awake for an entire zoo trip

Discovering honeysuckle with Nana

Oh, and she learned how to use a straw. She’s so hapy to be able to use my water bottle now!