9mo and Growing Like a Weed!

-Found a way she enjoys purées (since we still have quite a few)! Thin it down with some milk or formula, and let her drink it from her glass! (Which is a nice sturdy shot glass.) She loves it! We still need to work on not turning it over to chew on the bottom, but I’m happy that this is a more fun way for her to practice with a glass than just using water. 



-It’s fascinating watching her new skills develop! She’s been really working hard on holding more than one thing in one hand. Sometimes she’ll deliberately pick up two things with one hand, sometimes she’ll have one in each and transfer one over. Mostly she does it with her binkies, but she’s done it some with other objects that are small enough she can get her hand around them. It’s particularly amusing when we put a binkie in one of our mouths (which she thinks is hilarious), and she reaches for it with a hand that’s already holding one. 😆


-Also, on the skill front- earlier when we got home from target (looking for 12mo sleepers, because she’s getting too tall for the 9mo!) we left the diaper bag on the floor in the kitchen. She spotted it from across the room, rolled over to it (still not crawling, since rolling is so efficient for her!), pulled the empty bottle from the side pocket, and put it in her mouth. (And got frustrated that it was empty.) This from the kid that was barely holding her own bottles a few weeks ago!


-This whole sleeping all over Daddy thing is having some unexpected benefits. Last night was my night to sleep in the other room so that he could do wake ups, and she slept better than she ever has for him. She still woke up the usual number of times, but she went right back to sleep. In the past he’s had trouble with her staying awake for extended periods in the middle of the night. And then tonight when he came to bed the dogs started barking and woke her up. She seemed wide awake, and I was sure she’d be up for a while, but as soon as he laid down and pulled her close, she closed her eyes and went to sleep! I’m not gonna say it doesn’t make me a little jealous, but mostly it’s so sweet! When I came to bed the other night she had turned horizontal, and he had his arm out so that she was laying up against it, and they were sleeping forehead to forehead at right angles. So adorable.


-Parenting is weird (or maybe I am). My sleeve smells like the baby’s sweat (she has the sweatiest dang head) and it makes me smile. If it were Christopher’s sweat I’d be totally grossed out!


-I love when she’s fighting to wake up and one or more limbs are waving in the air, then she falls back asleep and they just drop. Bonus points when she’s holding something (usually a binkie) and drops it.



-I’ve found that at different times, different things about the Lils will catch my attention and just seem unbearably cute. At one point it was the spot where her nose and cheeks meet. (It’s chubby, like her cheeks are so chubby that it melts over into her nose!) For a long time it was under her chin, where it’s so soft and kissable. And her chunky thighs! But lately it’s been her hands. She’s working so hard to learn to use them well (she’s almost managed the pincer grip properly!); they’re moving more and more like big girl hands every day. But they’re still fat little baby hands. The contrast is fascinating and adorable.



-I’ve been reading a lot about unschooling and project based learning (which I LOVE, and which can still be applicable even if she goes to school), and one thing that’s really big is leaving out “invitations to learn.” Things like, if your kid is into bugs right now, set out a jar, magnifying glass, book about bugs, and maybe a journal or sketchbook on a shelf. Don’t draw attention to it, just let them find it and if they’re interested they’ll run with it. I was thinking that seems intimidating, how do I come up with good ideas to set out? But I realized, I already do it without thinking about it. I don’t put all of her toys out every day. I set out the ones I think will suit what she’s interested in right now. And I put them together in various ways to keep her challenged and interested. Like I put a bunch of blocks in an empty tissue box today. Nothing big, just opportunities for her to keep stretching her abilities, with no pressure from me to do anything in particular if she’s not interested. 


-Arg. She won’t keep doing the cute thing once I get the camera out! She can’t pick up the phone I gave her (my old one, no power or anything) off the hardwood and she REALLY wants to put it in her mouth, so she keeps just reaching with her mouth. And stopping as soon as I try to get a picture, no matter how quick and discrete I am.


-I’ve been doing surprisingly well with not being sad about my baby growing up so fast. She won’t be a baby much longer! Mostly I’m really excited for what’s to come. I’ve been reading a lot of homeschooling blogs and there are so many fun things we can do (even if she winds up in school)! But I happened to look through the family photos we had done when she was three months today, and oooh it made me sad. I love love love watching her grow and change, but she’s not my itty anymore!


-Speaking of not my itty, little miss tall and skinny had a doctor appointment today. She’s 65th percentile for weight, and 95th for height! That’s based on birth age. Adjusted age I think she’d be off the chart for height. 😄 It’s so weird because Christopher and I are almost exactly average, but we both have some very tall family members. Guess she got their genes! The doctor even commented that she’s gonna be tall. Family photos with my dad are going to be hilarious. Already all of them (my dad, stepmom, 16yo sister, and 14yo brother) tower over both of us. Someday she might too!


-She’s started shaking her head back when we shake ours at her! I’m honestly not sure if she learned it or we did; she’s been shaking her head occasionally for a while, but I don’t think any of us have tried to get her to do it in response to us. It’s so stinking cute!


-It’s funny how unpredictable babies are in what they love. She has this one Pooh book from her aunt, and she LOVES it. It’s not sparkly, or interestingly textured, or anything else that you’d think would make it stand out to her (it is personalized, which I think she’ll love when she’s bigger, but she neither knows nor cares about that at this point), but she has loved it since the first time she saw it. It got put away (during cleaning) and didn’t get pulled back out for a bit, and the instant she saw it again she went right for it. Best book ever, apparently!


Random picture time!



2 thoughts on “9mo and Growing Like a Weed!

  1. So glad she is sleeping well. M immediately halts desired cute photographic action when the camera comes out too.

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