Growing fast!

-I take back what I said about hating the baby belly sleeping. She puked (all over me) big time tonight right before bed. Copious amounts, repeatedly. So I’m happy she isn’t sleeping on her back right now, because at least if it happens again she isn’t likely to choke. Hoping it was just a fluke anyway, and there won’t be any repeats, but we’ll see. I was complaining of not feeling well not half an hour beforehand, and she’s running a slight fever, so it could be a bug. Really hope not! (Update- She never showed any further signs of not feeling well, so I guess it was nothing!)


This is just when I briefly set her down during a nap, but look how sweet


-I’m just gonna say that puking all over me was not one of Lily’s firsts that I was looking forward to, inevitable as it was. Here’s hoping the second time is a long ways off.


-She found her hair in the last week or two. She normally rubs her eyes while she’s drinking her bottle when she’s really sleepy, but lately she’s been messing with her hair. It’s finally long enough (on the sides) for her to get a little grip on it!


-Reading about women going to prison for abortions makes me literally sick to my stomach. Sometimes I hate being aware of the news. But sticking my head in the sand won’t help.


-In the last few weeks the baby has discovered her feet. Not as something she can stick in her mouth; she’s been doing that for forever. But now she’s aware that they can do stuff. It started out with kicking things, apparently to enjoy the noise. Lately she’s been trying to use them to hold things, like her bottle, and the other day she actually picked something up with them. Pretty sure it wasn’t entirely intentional, but she was pleased about it!



-Baby sneeze farts will never not be funny.


-I got so lucky with this kid. She’s not a spectacular night sleeper, but other than that she’s so easy. She normally isn’t up till 9-ish and has a 2-3 hour nap in the morning/midday. Today she was up at 7 and by 3 had had only one 30 minute nap, but she was still happy. Super sleepy, and she literally fell asleep in less than 10 seconds when we settled for her nap, but she didn’t cry or anything. She cries maybe an average of 3-5 minutes per day. Maybe a lot less. I’m grateful, but if we do have another I really hope they’re as easy.

Happiest dang baby

-We haven’t really been brushing her teeth like we meant to. Whoops. I put a reminder in my phone today, so we should be able to remember to incorporate it into our routine more! She loves it.




-For some reason lately Lily has decided that she doesn’t want to sleep unless she’s laying all up on Christopher. It’s adorable, though he says it’s annoying (but I’m pretty sure he likes feeling all loved and stuff). Usually I come to bed to find him sleeping on his side facing her, and her laying on her back half on top of his arm with her arm flung across his neck/face. Love it! Plus it actually is helping me get more sleep. She’s far enough away that every little twitch doesn’t wake me up. And I think the daddy cuddles are good since he’s at work all day so they don’t get as much time together.


-I think I’m going to have to go back to more baby led solids after all. The choking thing freaks me out, but she’s started losing interest in purées. She’s super excited when we give her a bite of our food, but zero interest in baby food most of the time. Even pouches, which she can sort of do herself, aren’t interesting her. I made her some more little pancakes yesterday (just an egg and a banana mashed together and cooked), and she was so happy. Back to “real” solids it is!




And some extra pictures cause she’s too cute not to share! 


Darth Vader and a tutu, best outfit ever


The one exception to my no light up toys rule- my dalek


Vacuums are for eating, right?


I let her see the clippers when I finished with her nails, and it was SO EXCITING


She loves the mirror!


Still obsessed with going under the chair




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