Tennessee Stories Project 

Here’s the link for the Tennessee Stories Project! It’s a site for women to share their experiences with abortion. My story is one of many being shared there, and I hope to see more added with time! I’ve started to read through, and I love it so far. Some of the stories are heartbreaking, much like ours, but it’s wonderful to feel like we’re not alone.  

The idea behind the site is to work on reducing the stigma surrounding abortion. It’s very common to see women avoiding the word abortion even when speaking out about their experiences. I’ve used “termination” far more often myself. Abortion just has such negative connotations, especially having grown up religious. But avoiding it just contributes to the problem. I’ll be using the term abortion going forward. Hopefully this site will help with normalizing abortion further. In particular I hope it helps women who are seeking an abortion to feel like it really is okay, and not something shameful that they need to hide. 


I’m also hoping, as I’ve mentioned, to do more going forward to fight the anti-choice politics we’re seeing more and more of. Unfortunately I’m afraid that may require some public speaking, but if that’s what I need to do, I will. Fingers crossed that I can find a good way to be involved! And those of you who support me, please share this site far and wide. It’s very appreciated.




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