Happier Post

-Why are babies consistently drawn to the things that they should NOT be playing with? Totally safe and designed specifically to be fun toys? Meh. The pointiest cornered book in the room? Getting warmer. Strings that could easily strangle them? Fun times! Power cords/cables? Best toys ever! Filthy shoes? Clearly they should be chewed on as god intended. 


-Baby girl loves her some airplanes! I love living near the airport, since planes have always made me happy. Now she’s started really watching them too! She hears them and starts looking, and seems like she might be starting to understand what I’m doing when I point at them for her. We have to hang out more in the front yard now, because there are too many trees in the back and she seems frustrated that she can hear the planes but not see them. Also, we might be taking her to the air show in June! I read something recently about people (spectators) being killed in crashes at air shows, so it kind of scares me, but I know it’s SO unlikely and she’d love it. Hoping we can make it happen!


-Rationally you know to expect babies to grow up super fast. But make it slow down! It’s making me sad. It’s funny because during her nap earlier I was thinking about taking her to the zoo and how excited I am to do things with her as she gets bigger. But I just read an article about the whole “there’s only 936 weeks till your kid is 18” thing, and it made me so sad. Can’t she stay my itty forever? 


On a related note, I read something that helped me to feel better that she won’t outgrow how I feel about her now. As in, part of me worried that when she got bigger and grosser (toddlers are a mess!) and less adorable, I just wouldn’t feel the same. Certainly teenagers don’t evoke the same feelings in strangers as do babies. But I read the article on that and I realized that that probably won’t happen and I felt better. Except then I realized, she won’t outgrow how I feel about her, but she is going to outgrow how she feels about me. Which on the one hand is a good thing. Having someone continue to have this level of need and dependency for the rest of my life would be exhausting. And I know that this relationship won’t go away, it will just change. I really think seeing how it changes will be pretty cool, actually. My mom and I are still very close, and certainly not in the same way we were 30 years ago. But still. She may always be my baby, but she won’t always be my *baby*. And I mourn that even as I appreciate how much loveliness there is to come. It reminds me of the Harry Potter quote, from the very end (spoiler alert, I guess? Though seriously, they’ve been out for years) when his son is on his way to Hogwarts for the first time, “Harry kept smiling and waving, even though it was like a little bereavement, watching his son glide away from him…” It’s a happy thing as well as a sad one, and I guess that’s just how it is.


-She won’t really sleep properly for anyone but me. This is simultaneously rather gratifying and really frustrating. It’s sweet to feel needed, but one of the silver linings to the not nursing was supposed to be that she isn’t dependent on me to nurse to sleep. Gah.



-She is so freaking determined not to put up with the fact that she can’t keep rolling when she comes up against a wall/furniture! She had her first good smack on the head today from trying to keep rolling when she was up against the dresser. Not on a corner, thankfully, but still not a first I’m excited about!



-She’s started getting her belly up off the ground, on her knees and elbows! She started right on her 9mo “birthday.” Right now she’s just using it as an easier way to roll over, but it won’t be long on the crawling now!




 -Am I the only one who occasionally has the random worry that my phone is judging me for my spelling? I type really fast and let it just correct the mistakes, but I do notice them! I know how to spell, phone, I swear!


-I always want to do something for homeless people I see, but I have this persistent fear that the person will turn out to not actually be homeless and be terribly offended. Aside from just working with the union mission or something, I’m not sure how best to overcome this.


-Feeding solids has gotten interesting. I’ll be honest, baby led weaning isn’t my favorite. She gags a LOT, and it scares me every time that she’s choking. And it’s made her puke a couple of times. So we still give her bits of what we’re eating, but I prefer purées, mesh feeders, and some yogurt melts. We still follow her cues- if she’s not interested we stop. And she kinda, sorta understands that if she sucks on a pouch she gets food out. So there’s some self feeding going on, in addition to the melts being something she can do herself. It’s super cute how interested in food she is though. She watches us eat with BIG eyes, and smacks her lips. Only problem? She does it when I feed the dogs too! And there’s no good way to keep her out of the dog food when she gets a little more mobile. We’re in trouble!


-Went to the grocery with Lils in the sling, and she insisted on helping push the cart 

Some cuteness to end on!




She loves the wind possibly more than anything else





She legit farted on his head



She loves “her” pillow


Best shot I could get of the Chris Farley face


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