Screw you, Indiana 

I am so

freaking angry right now! Indiana has now passed a bill criminalizing abortion for, among other things, fetal defects. If we had been in Indiana, and found out about River’s issues early enough that we could have aborted in state, the doctor could go to jail for doing it. For something that was BEST FOR THE BABY. This kind of law is what forces women into dangerous back alley abortions, because they aren’t willing to bring a baby into this world just to suffer for their entire life. Or because they don’t want to have to go through a stillbirth, or to give birth knowing their baby will die in their arms in minutes or hours. Fuck every one of the asshole politicians who think that they have the right to judge me and women like me. I believe in every woman’s right to choose, no matter their reasons for wanting an abortion. But it takes a really special kind of bastard to think this kind of ban is anything but evil.


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