I have the cutest baby ever

-We still hold the Lils for her naps. I’m sure we’ll have to stop eventually, but for now it makes everyone happy so I’m going with it. That being said, needing desperately to pee halfway through is a problem. Luckily she’s gotten better and better about letting me put her down briefly without waking up (or going back to sleep if she does). Somehow when I pick her back up she always winds up more curled on my chest instead of in my arms like she is starting out. And it’s pretty much the sweetest ever.


-My mom bought her a bunch of clothes on sale, and I was going through them while she (the baby) was laying on the floor next to me, and I happened to drop one thing on her. She thought it was hilarious so I kept doing it and she wound up totally covered and happy as a clam. Weirdo baby!




-The level of deception practiced by the anti-choice movement is so infuriating. (One breakdown- http://www.patheos.com/blogs/lovejoyfeminism/2016/03/dissecting-grandiose-anti-abortion-claims-part-1.html) Do you realize the scandal it would cause if the pro-choicers were engaging in this crap? But it’s the side claiming to have the moral high ground, so no one bats an eye. Rage.


-This Trump debacle is so humiliating as an American. If I have any readers from other countries, we do NOT all support that racist, sexist, classist, ableist, horrifying narcissist!


-It’s gorgeous outside so we’re about to go out, and as I was getting dressed I noticed I have panty lines and I was all oh no, maybe I should change. And you know what? Eff that! Why on earth should anyone care? I’m wearing underwear, just like 99% of the people you encounter everyday. I spend the majority of my time sitting on my butt holding a sleeping baby, and if I get a wedgie part way through there’s not squat I can do about it. So I wear undies that are comfy and don’t ride up, which also happen to dig in just enough to show under most pants. I’m not going to stop, and I’m not going to waste my time (and laundry detergent) by changing every time we go out! Heaven forbid someone be forced to deal with the knowledge that I am not, in fact, going commando. 


-Hmm, that was a bit of an overreaction to nothing at all. 😁 I’m in a rant-y mood. Had a pretty good one on FB. 


-Made Lily some “pancakes” (just banana and egg mixed together) for National Pancake Day! She loved them. I’ve settled on purées when we’re home alone, and baby led weaning (so more whole solids) when someone is with me. On the off chance she chokes, I’d rather not deal with it alone. Also, if I had to deal with some other emergency (with the dogs or something), I wouldn’t have to worry about walking away briefly. We’re also working on teaching her how to drink from a cup (shot glass). It’s pretty cute to watch, though she currently takes it in then spits it out when we move the cup away from her mouth. It’s a start anyway.


-As I whined to my cousin- I want to kiss her chubby little face and I can’t because she’s asleeeeep. I think this pretty much every time she’s asleep. But on a related note, it’s pretty awesome how she’s getting big enough to give really big hugs to. She was so tiny and delicate at first. You can’t really hug a newborn. But she’s extremely huggable now. AND she’s started resting her head on my shoulder/chest more when I’m carrying her. When she first got strong enough to be held upright, it was almost like she had something to prove. She never put her head down. But now she does all the time and it’s so sweet. The ring sling positioning encourages this, and I am not complaining.


-Quite apart from my love of party planning, there’s something special about working on your child’s first birthday party when you know what it is to have a child who will never have a birthday.


-You know, with having a baby, I knew it would be hard on my back and neck. That’s a given. And I figured shoulders, hips, even knees might be a bit sore, with all the up and down. What I failed to anticipate was how much my elbows would hurt. And what are you supposed to do for that? 


-The amount of effort it takes to get a baby back to sleep when they’ve been woken up 15 minutes into a nap is ridiculous. You’re literally so tired you’re crying, how about you stop grabbing my face and attempting to rip my skin off and just go back to sleep?! Thankfully she usually does go back to sleep eventually. And it probably doesn’t even take that long. But dang she can fight it.


All the cuteness!



She’s alternating between fussing and laughing. Apparently the underside of the chair is entertaining, but she’s 100% stuck there





Rainbow sherbet!





Scootin on her head


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