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-It’s always fun when something you learned becomes useful in a totally unrelated aspect of your life. Current example- in astronomy you learn that your peripheral vision is actually better at discerning details in low contrast light. So if you’re trying to look at a particular star that’s really faint it’s actually easier to see if you look just to the side of it. This is useful information when trying to discern if your baby’s eyes are fully closed in a dark room. Look at an ear or nose and you can see much better! (Also, and this is just anecdotal, but in my experience babies don’t hiccup in their sleep. If they’re still hiccuping, they’re not actually asleep yet.)
-Started planning Lily’s first birthday party! Well, let’s be honest here, I’ve been at least thinking about it since before she was born, and planning for several months. But I’ve started actively working on things. It’s going to be a “sunshine and pinwheels” theme. Cause she’s Liliana Rae, so she’s our Lil Rae of sunshine, get it? I know, super cheesy. Don’t care! I haven’t decided how big to have all her future birthday parties, but for her first I’m going big! I love planning parties, so it’s super exciting for me. Not going into any details on it, since I like to keep it mostly a surprise (anyone who follows me on Pinterest will know a lot of it 😄), but it’s gonna be pretty and delicious!
-Kid has so 100% started saying mama. She’s not old enough to mean anything specific by it (at best she seems to be asking for her binky), but I think Christopher is gonna be SOL on getting her to say dada first. She rarely even makes a D sound still.
-She had shots today. I HATE when she has to have shots. She’s really good with them, doesn’t cry long at all, but it’s so upsetting. I thought this would get easier! I glad we’re already anti-spanking (and cry it out), because there’s no way I could handle it. I’m actually worried about having to tell her no about things that make her cry when she’s older. I KNOW I have to set limits, and that it’s really in her best interest (like shots), but ugh. Not looking forward to it!
-Just reached for You Are My Little Cupcake to read while pumping instead of my kindle. 😆


We read it every night before bed!


-Christopher is taking the wake ups tonight so I can get some sleep, which means I have to sleep in the other room. On the one hand, yaaaaay! Sleep! Thank you very beloved husband who I know is tired too because you work so much! But also, I’m sad. How am I supposed to sleep without my bug holding my fingers? And I’m a bit worried. What if she sleeps way better than usual? Christopher will think I’ve been exaggerating how often she wakes up, or he’ll say it’s because I respond too fast and don’t let her settle herself. And I’ll be sad, does it mean she didn’t miss me? But also, what if she sleeps really bad? I don’t want Christopher to get no sleep, both for his sake and because that’s why he quit taking her at night back when she was itty. He was trying to have her sleep in the pack n play and she wouldn’t sleep at all. Arg. This parenting thing is confusing.
-In bed in the nursery, about to get many hours of gloriously uninterrupted sleep. And it’s way harder than I thought it would be. I have to keep reminding myself that she’s fine and she has her daddy and if she really needs me he’ll come get me. But I don’t like going to bed without her. I can’t just reach over or open my eyes to check and be sure she’s okay, or just to see her chubby little cheeks. And how is she going to feel if she wakes up and mommy’s not there? Arg. It’ll be okay! Sleep! Tomorrow night somewhere around the third wake up I’m going to be wondering what the hell I was upset about when I had a whole night of sleep ahead of me.
-Went to Star Wars with my mom tonight (yay Star Wars!). As it was coming up on the big (small semi-spoiler) sad/upsetting part, I reached for her. And it occurred to me that it won’t be long before Lily is reaching for me like that, when she needs reassurance. I just kept seeing her chubby little hand reaching for my arm, and it was such a sweet thought. I hate that time goes so quickly and she’s already grown so much, but there’s also so much to look forward to!
-I wish I’d noticed when Lily started helping when we change her clothes. If you hold the sleeve to take it off she’ll bend her arm to pull it out. When you go to put something on, she bends her arm to let you get it in the armhole, then straightens it to push it through. It’s really cute, in addition to helpful, but I have no idea how long she’s done it. Months for sure. (She’s somewhat less helpful with pants; sometimes she straightens her legs conveniently, but other times she kicks so much once you get one leg in she kicks it out before you can do the other. Also, she’s started grabbing my sleeve and aggressively chomping on it while I’m trying to change her. Very cute, but very inconvenient.)

-Is she old enough to start these science experiments I’ve been researching? They look fun!
-She’s the rolling over queen! I’m now wondering how long it’ll be before she crawls, because she doesn’t really need to! She can roll across the room to get to things. Though I feel like now that she is aware that she *can* be mobile, she’ll be more motivated to try. Yesterday she was on her belly reaching SO HARD for a toy in front of her. I almost expected her to manage an army crawl right then. Not yet, but it’s coming! Such an interesting thing to watch the progression from grabbing a toy if you put it in her hand, to reaching for it if it catches her eye, to deliberately choosing which toy within reach she likes best at the moment, to actively obtaining a particular toy even if it’s farther away. Babies have to learn so much that we take for granted, it’s kind of overwhelming to think about!


Such chubby cheeks and wrists!



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