Almost 5 Months!

I’ve been terrible about updating, mostly because I haven’t been on the computer in weeks. It’s a pain to do from my phone. But at this point I really need to just do what I can. I don’t want to regret not having any records. So here’s what’s up.
Current age/size- Just shy of 5 months (21 weeks), 3.5mo-ish adjusted. She was 12lb7oz at her last doctor appointment, about 2 weeks ago, so I’m assuming she’s around 13lb now. She was 24 inches at the appointment, which is on the tall end. She’s roughly 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height based on her adjusted age. Tall and skinny! She’s totally out of 0-3mo clothes, and a lot of what she’s wearing are 6mo.
What she’s working on- She’s trying soooo hard to roll over back to front. She’s at the stage where she can get most of the way over but gets stuck on her arm. Once she figures out to lift her head (and gets the neck strength) she’ll be over in no time. She’s also big on trying to get things into her mouth. Feeding has become a challenge, because she wants so badly to hold the bottle that she’s constantly knocking it away from her mouth. She’s also fascinated by our hands, and grabs them all the time and pulls them towards her mouth We pulled out her wubbanub recently and she loves waving it around and trying to nom on it. She hasn’t gotten the hang of getting things in her mouth, but she’s adorable when she tries!
What makes her happy- Mommy and Daddy first and foremost. She loves interacting with people she knows well (she’s gotten leery of strangers), and could spend all her time making faces back and forth. She loves all the games her daddy makes up. “Don’t shake the baby” is a particular favorite. (Grab her tummy and jiggle her.) And any involving big dramatic kisses she can see coming. It’s really neat seeing how she’s starting to learn to anticipate things.
Though she does enjoy her independent play time. She’s been on her play mat by herself for the last half hour, and is having a big old time. Just looking around, watching the animals (2 dogs and a cat), and trying to roll! She’s now half off of the mat because she scoots a little every time she tries to roll. She’s getting a nice foam pad to play on for Christmas, so that’ll really help.
What makes her unhappy- Strangers/people she doesn’t know well trying to hold her, mostly. About a month ago she started seeming to really notice who was holding her, so now she needs time to warm up to people. And she’s started getting a little more overstimulated when we go out for too long. She likes being home in her familiar environment. But beyond that she’s only really upset by the usual sorts of things that babies (and adults!) don’t like, like being hungry or tired.
My current favorite- All the things!! Seeing her light up when she sees her daddy is a big one. From FB- This morning I was feeding Lils when Christopher came up to give her a kiss before leaving for work. She looked at him and slowly started to smile, and her smile just got bigger and bigger until it was a full on nose-crinkled, shoulders hunched, big cheesy grin. She loves her daddy!
Giggles are the cutest. She usually giggles the most from kisses, which is even better.
And from a text to a friend- Shes gotten hilariously easily startled. She CRIED yesterday when Christopher scared her by blowing a raspberry (which she usually loves), and today she did a big dramatic all limbs flailing startle when I burped.

Sleep- She’s a pretty awesome sleeper for her age. We usually go to bed around 10-11pm (it was 11-12, which was later than I wanted, but daylight savings fixed that for me!), and she doesn’t wake up till 5-7. We get up long enough for me to pump and her to eat, then go back to bed. We’re up for the day around 10-11am. Though last night she didn’t really eat enough before bed, so she woke up at midnight hungry. After she quickly ate, and she passed back out and didn’t wake up till 8:30. I’m thinking about staying up till midnight (just me, not her) and doing a dream feed then. I don’t mind being up at 8:30 or later, 5-7 is just too early. But it might not work anyway. I’m still debating.

We should be coming up on the 4 month sleep regression though, so it all may be about to go out the window. I really hope not.

Latest cute pictures-