Comment Policy

There’s a chance I’ll be getting more traffic fairly soon, so I figured now is a good time to make my comment policy official. All comments go to moderation first, and basically, as long as you keep it civil and polite, I’ll allow it. Anything hateful or rude or attacking individuals (including me) will go straight to the trash. Yes, by posting what I do I am opening myself up to comments from those who disagree with the choices we’ve made. And it’s a free country, people are allowed to disagree, and allowed to openly say that they disagree. But I am not obliged to provide a forum for people to spew their hatred and rudeness. If you feel the need to be nasty, do so on your own blog, not mine. And since deciding what is acceptable and what is not is entirely subjective and entirely up to me, best err on the side of caution if you think what you’ve written might be too rude.