Just Some Thoughts

Haruki Murakami - This Storm

Have you ever listened to a song and it was just so perfect and meaningful that you almost resent that anyone else can ever listen to it, because they’ll never understand how important it really is? I’ve got a couple of those going right now. Passenger’s “Let Her Go” (minus the use of the word “only”) and Imagine Dragons “Bleeding Out.” I actually don’t even ever listen to Let Her Go unless I feel like I need to have a good cry and get it out. And every time I hear Bleeding Out I literally see this montage of all these moments from the last few months, from when we found out she really wasn’t going to make it, to the whole week of the termination, and moving on without her. I could make one killer music video if I had some way to get those images out of my head and onto a screen. Though it’s funny because what I get from those songs is SO far from what the writers intended, but that doesn’t even matter. And why does listening to meaningful music help us to deal with things anyway?



And one last thought, not related to music- I’ve mentioned it before, but it bothers me sometimes, that people don’t know about River. Some days I just want to tell everyone I meet. I want to pull out my phone and the pictures of her I have on it, and just show it to everyone. I don’t even know why, it just seems like they should know. And sometimes when I’m driving down the road I wonder about all those people in the cars around me, and what’s happened to them that no one really knows about.



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