It’s Been A While

I really need to update more often. But since I don’t, and I have a LOT to write about, this post will just be a general update about how the pregnancy itself is going, showers, etc. If you’re looking for the latest ultrasound results, skip to the next post.

Firstly, going back to the weekend after our last ultrasound I actually reported on, we had a lovely trip to Atlanta. Not the most exciting destination, but within driving distance and, very importantly, the Braves (Christopher’s team) were playing the Rockies (for whom his uncle is hitting coach) that weekend. I actually enjoy baseball enough to be happy to go with him, since he was really excited. Admittedly, I did read through parts of it (I don’t enjoy it that much, vastly prefer football), but he doesn’t mind that. And they had Dippin’ Dots and those lemonade ice things, and hotdogs, and basically lots of delicious (and overpriced) food for me to enjoy.

I didn’t actually mean to lead off with the baseball game. More importantly, to me at least, was the fact that Christopher booked the Loews Atlanta hotel for us to stay at. After our wedding, we stayed at the Loews Vanderbilt here in Nashville, then we stayed in the Loews Denver the next night after we flew to Denver. (We didn’t take a honeymoon till the following year. For one thing, with his dad, us, and his twin sister getting married all in the same year, right as he was starting a new job, he didn’t have the vacation time. For another, the company trip that year was to Puerto Rico and it was something like two weeks after the wedding, so we figured that would suffice for the time being.) All that to say, his choice of hotel for Atlanta was lovely and romantic and thoughtful. He also surprised me by booking me a pedicure when we go there, at the hotel spa, which was also very lovely and thoughtful.

Aside from the ball game, we didn’t really do much that was exciting. We walked around and looked at shops, and we found a really good restaurant for breakfast. We were trying to just find the Einstein’s Bagels that was near the hotel, but when we asked for directions we got directed to a restaurant called Einsteins instead, and we just went with it. It was SO good. Gotta love those sorts of fortuitous happenings. Also, a highlight for me, on the way home we made two random stops just to make me happy. One at the Lodge Factory Store, where I got some more cast iron cookware (which I love), and one at a totally random little store. See, Mama Lee’s hot chocolate (specifically their white chocolate cappucinno) is the best in the world. Seriously, it is absolutely my favorite. However, last time I went to their website to order more, it had apparently been hacked and I couldn’t get any. I was very sad. But google turned up a little store east of here that had some. I didn’t want to pay shipping really, so I held off on getting any. But then I realized that it was on the way to Atlanta. And because Christopher loves me enough to make our road trip just a little longer, he stopped and let me get some of my beloved hot chocolate. I got 2 pounds and it lasted way less time than I’m going to admit. But it was delicious! I guess I can hold out until Christmas to get more now. (They sell it at the crafts fair thing here.)

Unfortunately the trip had a teensy bit of drama. I’ll just copy and paste my post from Hellobee, because that’s easier.

” This weekend was interesting. We went to Atlanta for our anniversary, which is about 4 hours away. We walked to most places there, since we stayed in a hotel that was convenient to everything and right next to the train station. Unfortunately all that walking seems to have been bad for my tendency to have a TON of BH’s (Braxton Hicks).

It got to the point Saturday afternoon that they were less than 2 minutes apart. ANY other time I would have gone to the hospital, but we were on our way to/at a Braves game. For one thing, short of calling an ambulance there was no way to get to a hospital that wouldn’t have involved MORE walking, whereas staying meant I could sit and have some water. And we never, ever do what Christopher wants to do on our trips, because he’s the type to always try to spoil me and do things for me. And he loves baseball more than anything, and his uncle is hitting coach for the Rockies (who they were playing), so it was a big deal to him. Since I was having no bleeding, pain, mucous-y discharge, or other signs of true labor, I felt like it was dehydration and overexertion. So we stayed and when we got back to the hotel I took a bath and they slowed down to every 10 minutes or so, so I let it go.

Yesterday we came home, and they were much slower but still, every time I stood up or walked around, immediate BH’s every few minutes. Same today. So at this point, obviously I need to at least call and talk to a doctor. And yes, I should have sooner, but it’s a holiday weekend, and I didn’t want to get sent to the hospital in Atlanta, and now they seem so minor it seems less urgent.”

The doctor wound up agreeing that there was nothing to worry about. Apparently contracting a lot is just normal for me, and I need to take it easy and stay really hydrated, same as they’ve been saying. Though it seems like in the last week or so, instead of getting a bunch if I’m too active, I get them once I finally sit down afterwards. I’m not sure which is more annoying. But since they’re only annoying, nothing more, I’m pretty much just learning to ignore them.

More recently, and even more annoying, I failed my glucose tolerance test. So I apparently have gestational diabetes. From my understanding of what they told me, there are two main concerns with that. One, that the baby will get too big, but not in a healthy way. That can lead to higher risk of getting stuck during labor (which can be fatal for her) and other concerns, in addition to it just generally being unhealthy for her. Two, if she gets used to having a ton of excess sugar in her system, because my body isn’t processing it properly, it can be a nasty shock to suddenly have basically none once she’s delivered and not getting all of it from me anymore. But it’s totally manageable, and will go away after delivery. I have to stick my fingers and check my blood sugar four times a day, but so far I am having NO issues keeping my numbers where they’re supposed to be. And the OB said that the main concern is really my fasting number (what it is first thing in the morning, after I’ve had nothing to eat for at least 6 hours), and that’s always totally fine. The biggest annoyance for me is that the last few days I’ve had issues with forgetting to check it. The numbers are always fine, so it’s harder to keep it a priority. Hopefully they’ll let me drop to fewer times a day once they see that.

And last topic before moving on to the next post, regarding ultrasound results, my showers. I had three, one in Memphis with my dad’s family, one here with my mom’s family and friends, and one here with Christopher’s coworkers and a few other friends. They were all really great. I got balloons at them, which is a ridiculous thing to be happy about but I love them anyway. All the people were great, and we were both blown away by how many gifts we received. I’ll be writing a LOT of thank you notes. 🙂 The second one was a rainbow theme, at my request, and they did a great job with it. I wanted that partially just because I love rainbows (and of course, the whole play on it being a “shower” makes me happy), and also because she’s my rainbow baby (a baby after a loss). I didn’t mention that at the shower or anything, because it seemed a little, I don’t know, not morbid, but just not really something to talk about at that time, but it still made it a little bit extra special for me. And the third shower, which we were both a little worried might wind up weird (it was initially a baby shower/housewarming, so we invited all his coworkers, many of whom are single guys, but then it was too big for our house so it had to be moved and became just a baby shower, and we weren’t sure how it would play out with it being more guys than girls) wound up being a blast. We played games, and everyone participated, and it was basically just a  cookout with lots of food and a baby theme, and no one made it weird, they just had fun. And we got some really fun gifts at that one, like the shark stroller, guys being less inclined to go for the super girly baby stuff.

Anyway, that brings us more or less up to date on how things are in general, so now I shall move on to the ultrasound. If you stuck with me this far, I’m impressed.



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