The Post I Wanted To Write

I had a post in mind for after my anatomy scan. Sort of a “state of the pregnancy” and I would include the cute little picture from the ultrasound, all that. Well, obviously, things didn’t go quite as planned, but I think I’ll still write the post. Here’s how things are going, minus all the big scary stuff.

Movement is getting very consistent. S/he is super wiggly, especially if I eat chocolate. It’s still very thumpy, none of that delicate “butterfly wings” stuff I hear about. I did see on my ultrasound report that I have an anterior placenta, so that might explain it. Though with that you’re not supposed to feel anything until pretty late, so not sure why I still felt things so early. But it’s to the point now, at 20 weeks, that I can feel movement with my hand if I happen to have it in exactly the right spot at the right time. Christopher hasn’t gotten lucky with his timing, so he hasn’t felt anything, but that’s probably just a matter of time at this point.

The peeing is out of control. Minimum 5+ times a night. I’m really glad we have an en suite bathroom at this house (oh, we moved in on Saturday, woohoo!), because it’s annoying enough getting up constantly without also having to go down the hall or something.

Speaking of sleeping, I’m officially off my stomach completely. I think around 18 weeks it got occasionally uncomfortable, but by 19 it became totally not workable. I do still wake up on my back, but I figure I can’t control that. It’s not actually comfortable though. Not for any real reason that I can explain, just not comfy.

Braxton Hicks (false labor/non-painful, non-labor contractions) have kicked in pretty solid, starting at maybe 18 weeks? I was not expecting that so early. I’ve heard that dehydration can make them worse, so I’ve tried to up the water intake, but it just makes them less frequent. They never go away completely. They’re strong too; they make it feel like I can’t catch my breath. It’s hard to imagine what labor will feel like if these are so strong already. Still, they’re not so frequent as to be a cause for concern. I’ll try to ask about that at my next appointment, but good chance I won’t get to it.

I’m definitely very visibly pregnant at this point. There’s really no chance someone would look at me and not realize it, unless I was wearing very bulky clothes. None of my summer stuff will fit, except tops that zip/button up and can be left open. Especially since my boobs seem to be trying to compete with my belly for fastest growth. They’re ridiculous.

Baby is hanging out very low, and almost exclusively on my right. To the point that my belly button is off center because the right side is bigger than the left. I know s/he can go over to the left, or up higher, because occasionally I feel him/her there, or find the heartbeat there with the doppler, but it’s rare. S/he has a marked preference for my right side.

Also, related to being low, I’m leaning more and more towards it being a boy. Not because of any of the wives tales like that, since there’s no real truth behind them generally, just a feeling. My mom claims 100% accuracy on predicting gender of babies, and she’s (independently) leaning towards boy too. I’m quite curious to find out if we’re right!

Anyway, that’s where things are now.  Here’s hoping for more of these kinds of posts, and less of the sad ones, in the future!


Please excuse the mess, we just moved in!


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