I Really Need to Update More!

Okay, first off, the biggest/best news- we had the 13 week appointment, and we heard the heartbeat! It’s the first time we’ve actually heard a heartbeat, as opposed to seeing it on an ultrasound, so it was really neat. And more importantly, this means I’m officially out of the first trimester! I already was technically, but until I was 100% sure that Spooky was still healthy in there, I wasn’t ready to call it. This means our odds of another miscarriage have dropped to practically nothing. I mean, it’s always possible something could go wrong, but the odds are very good. I am SO very happy about that.

I’m also definitely getting a bump. At first I was pretty weirded out, because it started showing up around 10 weeks, and at that point baby is still pretty darn tiny, and WAY low. But I looked at a diagram of how your organs shift during pregnancy, and it makes sense. I had always assumed your intestines and stuff stayed low, and baby went in front/on top. But apparently it all shifts upward, except, I suppose, the very end where it connects to the outside. So it actually makes some sense that a bump can start showing long before baby is up there, since my uterus has more than doubled in size, and started shoving things up and out. Please excuse the terrible picture quality, but this my little baby belly as of 13w6d. I’m now 14w3d, and I swear it’s bigger already.


On a related note, I could swear I felt the baby move last night. It was a really weird feeling, and I can’t even find the right way to describe it, but it was different from anything I’ve felt before, and in the right place. As I told Jo (my best friend), I’m at least 75% sure it was baby. But maybe it was really weird gas. I’m gonna say it was baby, cause that’s cooler. I’m definitely not feeling anything generally, but at the same time things feel just a little… different. Like, I could point out to you exactly where the baby is, even though I don’t really feel anything. I think maybe there’s enough movement for me to be able to pick up on it, but not consciously feel it. Which I’m not sure makes any sense, but it does in my head so leave me alone with my delusions of feeling the baby this early.

Overall I’m finding pregnancy not terribly uncomfortable or anything. I heave occasionally (taking pills is rough, but prenatals are important!), but no real nausea to speak of, and no vomiting at all. I’ve only had to take a zofran (nausea pill) once. Heartburn is a nuisance, but I love milk, so it’s not a big deal. The hunger is getting annoying, but at least it means I get to enjoy food that much more. (And I’ve only gained 5 pounds so far. If I continue at that rate, I’ll be right at the weight gain that’s recommended for my size. And given that my boobs have gone up 2 cup sizes, I’m considering at least a pound of that just boob.) My only real complaint is the peeing. I have an absurdly tiny bladder to begin with (seriously), and it is killing me now. Used to be if I drank a ton, the most frequent I would ever have to pee is 15 minutes, and that was extreme. Now it’s 10, and it’s at least 4 times in a row, and it’s every day at least once. Seriously. We went to Christopher’s dad’s for dinner the other night. He lives 12 miles from the interstate. I peed twice in the 5 minutes before we left (they kept talking too long so I went again just in case), and still HAD to stop at the gas station before we got on the interstate. And then was about to pee myself by the time I got home, just 14 miles up the interstate. Christopher was both amused and annoyed. Thankfully it’s not like that all the time, but I’m still having to be careful about what I drink any time I know I’ll be leaving the house. Oy. I’m SO not looking forward to the third trimester.

In other news, we’re almost ready to move into our new house! We went on a cruise with a bunch of Christopher’s family (very fun!), and on the day after we got back, a Friday, we closed on the house. We had the contractor start doing some work on Monday (well, Tuesday, because the roads were icy Monday). That was last week. So far he’s put in a big window (no glass, obviously) between the kitchen and the living room, dry-walled over the paneling in the dining room, and replaced all the trim in there, and replaced the doors on several closets (they were super dated looking). Tomorrow (and maybe the next day, depending on time) he should finish up by raising the kitchen cabinets (the top ones are only 14 inches above the counter tops; standard is at least 18 inches) and removing the built-in desk thing in the soon-to-be-nursery. That should be everything from him.

We started painting this weekend. I LOVE painting. It’s just fun, partially because you get to see immediate results for your work, and partially because the exacting work of taping it off and getting it perfect appeals to my OCD a lot. We’ve got the office almost done (3 walls white, and one Gator blue!), and the first coat in on the master bathroom (bright blue!). Those are our only two real concessions to my love of color though. The rest of the house will be mostly shades of brown and tan, to keep things neutral. But it’ll still look great. The people who painted it last did a terrible job though. Clearly they took the time to tape, since they didn’t pull it all off and I’m finding bits of it everywhere, but you couldn’t tell from looking at it. Some of it’s just wiggly sorts of lines along color changes between wall and trim, but some of it is crap like getting a big streak of yellow on the white cabinet and not cleaning it up. The workmanship is awful, and the color and finish choices are just… not what I would have done. But it’s nice because Christopher dislikes it too, so he’s okay with the cost of painting all but two rooms. Granted, I don’t think even he (at his cheapest) could justify leaving two different colors of crown molding in the office. (Seriously?)

As a random plus, the previous owner did leave all of the curtains, and most of them match our stuff. That’s handy. Though personally I wouldn’t have bought 3 in one length and the 4th a foot longer for the ones in the living room. But that’s just me.

Anyway, it’s really late and I need to get up tomorrow to go to the house and paint (yay!), so I should get some sleep. ‘Night all!

Edited to Add- Also, I meant to mention that we found this little guy on our wall at the new house! Christopher is adamant that I can’t have a snake (sad), so I’m pleased to find that we at least have one hanging out nearby! I named him Cecil. 🙂