Everything Is Still Going Well!

I had my first midwife appointment yesterday! I was really nervous. Partially just because it was my first appointment and I didn’t know what to expect because I’ve never seen a midwife before (I’ve always planned to, but I never bothered with my other pregnancies because I knew we were moving so I was waiting till after that). But more because there was a chance they’d refuse to take me as a patient because of my losses. In some cases they’d consider having had two to make me high risk, and midwives don’t see high risk patients. In my case I felt like it would be okay because I’ve tested negative for the types of issues (like blood clotting disorders) that make you high risk, but I couldn’t be sure. But she seemed totally unconcerned when I explained my history. So hooray! Though one always wishes you hadn’t wasted so much time worrying about something that wound up being a total non-issue. Oh well.

I LOVED the midwife practice. They gave me a copy of Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth, which looks like is going to be right up my alley. I love reading in general, so right now I’m loving reading anything pregnancy/baby related. 🙂 There was also virtually no wait. The nurse was actually waiting for me initially, because I had to fill out paperwork. The midwife did take a few minutes to come in once I was back in the room, but she apologized profusely. And honestly, I’ve waited longer pretty much every time I’ve gone to any doctor. The ob I was seeing here took a LONG time both in the waiting room and once I got back. So it was really awesome to not have that with them. Everyone was super nice and friendly, and the midwife stayed talking to me for a good long time. She made sure I had all my questions answered and I never felt rushed at all. She also made a point of making it clear that if I get nervous at all, I can come in any time between appointments and she’ll check the heartbeat (once I’m to 10 weeks; they can’t reliably find it with a doppler before that). I appreciated that a lot, though I don’t anticipate taking advantage. They drew some blood for the usual initial checks, and had me pee in a cup and all. Nothing different really from a doctor, except it all felt much more friendly and personal. And they generally asked me things, instead of telling me. I knew exactly when I’m due and how far along I am, so I didn’t need them telling me. (My ob really made me feel like they thought I knew nothing, and it frustrated me because I’ve made an effort to educate myself a lot.) They also asked if I wanted genetic screening instead of declaring that I’d be coming in for that when they said. I think I’ve had unusually crappy experiences with ob’s, so I’m biased, but I am very happy with my choice to go with this midwife practice.

My first ultrasound will be Monday, February 10th. I’m pretty nervous, since there’s always the possibility that they’ll find something wrong. But I was really nervous before my first ultrasound that was totally fine too, and I don’t really think it’s any worse now that I’ve had losses. It’s just kinda scary this early on since if something’s going to go wrong, it’ll probably be soon. They actually offered to have me come in for it any time in the next 2 weeks, but I chose to push it out as far as I could. I just really wanted to get past 9.5 weeks (when we found out we’d lost the first) before going in. I’m not sure it’s really rational, but oh well. I’ll be 10w2d when I go in, and that seems like a good time. As close to 12 weeks as they’d let me go (they prefer to date things early, when growth follows a pretty set timeline), so if things look good, odds are really in my favor that everything will continue on to a happy, healthy baby in a few months. (Also, small side note, last time the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks, so on some level I’m very happy to be past that, even though we didn’t find out last time till 9.5 so rationally I don’t even actually know that we did get through 7 weeks safely.)

Everyone keeps asking how I’m feeling, unsurprisingly. 🙂 I’m actually feeling mostly good. I do get occasional bouts of nausea, but nothing that’s had me anywhere close to vomiting. Part of me isn’t happy about that, since statistically pregnancies with lots of morning sickness are less likely to end in miscarriage, but I’m mostly just choosing to enjoy it. I’ve also read that magnesium can prevent morning sickness, and I’ve been taking magnesium for, ah, digestive regularity, for a couple years now. So I do wonder if that has anything to do with it. And while I’m not sick most of the time, I am really freaking exhausted. I was fine up until early last week, and then it just hit me out of nowhere. It’s rather frustrating, because everyone just sort of expects you to man up and deal with it when you say you’re really tired, whereas you get sympathy if you’re really nauseated/vomiting. I’d prefer to be tired, obviously, but it’s really not much less debilitating sometimes. And if Christopher says, “you slept 10 hours last night, why are you tired” one more time, I will be forced to hit him.

Actually, my number one symptom right now is hunger. I feel like I’m constantly starving! (Just like last time!) Sometimes I sit down and eat more in a sitting than Christopher, other times I think I’m super hungry then can’t finish hardly anything. But I constantly feel SO hungry. Mostly for meat (mmm, steak) and spicy stuff. Though we watched a show on Food Network yesterday where they were making fries, and I’m seriously considering going out to Checkers right now to get some. That sound so delicious!

Other than that, nothing feels too different. I had some major breast soreness, but that’s gotten better over the last week or so. Possibly related to the fact that I switched to a sports bra full time, possibly coincidental. They have definitely gotten bigger, which is not surprising since that happened last time right around this time. I’m also seeing a definite bloat baby belly going on. I’m wearing yoga pants pretty much exclusively at home, and my “fat” jeans from when I was heavier when I go out. I would pull out the maternity jeans, but it’s too cold! I’ve been wearing leggings under my jeans when I go out, and that just doesn’t work very well with the panels on maternity jeans. Plus my comfiest pair is actually capris. That should come in handy soon, since we’re going on a cruise when I’m right around 12 weeks! I may not “need” them then, but I can guarantee you I won’t fit in my somewhat on the small side normal capris by then, so I’ll be busting them out!

I do actually have more to write about that’s not baby related (we’re buying a house!), but I have enough to say on that topic that it probably needs its own post. Plus, I think I really do need some fries, like NOW. 🙂

8x11All is well


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