Happy New Year!

Given that it’s already the second, I’m a bit late on this, but I’m sick so I refuse to care. I saw this list on HelloBee, and liked it, so I’m using it as my format for my resolutions this year. I gotta admit, resolutions seem a little silly since practically no one sticks with them, but I’m going to try to keep these reasonable so that I can actually pull it off.


A bad habit I will (try to) break: Being lazy around the house. I’m currently a housewife, there is really no excuse to leave dishes unwashed, etc. (Sometimes maybe, but not on a regular basis.) (Not sure why this has “try to” added in. Isn’t the point of resolutions to do, not to try? (Yay Yoda!))

A new skill I’d like to learn: Something related to homesteading? I ordered my first kombucha starter, so definitely making kombucha!

A person I hope to become more like: My husband! He is SO patient and hardworking and financially savvy and a thousand other things that I admire him for. (He also doesn’t read my blog, so no, I’m not just sucking up!)

A good deed I’m going to do:  When I have extra money, do that whole pay for the car behind you thing!

A place I’d like to visit: Well, we’re going on a cruise in February (HUGE thanks to Christopher’s dad and stepmom who are paying for it!), and the company trip this year is to Orlando, with one of the events at Harry Potter World (squee!!), so definitely going to those places. If we do anything else, like for our 5 year anniversary in May, I’d really like to get a cabin in the Smokies.

A book I’d like to read: All of them! Seriously, I go through about a book every 3 days, so this isn’t a question I can limit to just one answer. Some more books on being crunchy and homesteading and that sort of thing? And I really want to read Gender Neutral Parenting. I anticipate not being super gendered will be really hard, so I want to give myself as much help as I can!

A letter I’m going to write: One to our first LO when we finally get a sticky baby!

A new food I’d like to try: Um, all of them? I have Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (Selective Eating Disorder), so I’m trying REALLY hard to get more variety into my diet by trying new things. It’s hard, but I’m making progress! In the last few months I’ve discovered that I like pistachios, fried green tomatoes, and some sushi!

I’m going to do better at: Being grateful! I am so much better off than I would ever have imagined being at this age, but sometimes it’s easy to forget all the wonderful things in my life and focus on things like the losses. I need to work on that.

This is a good list, but it isn’t everything. The biggest thing I want to work on is getting healthier. Related to the trying new foods, I have GOT to start eating healthier. I was making huge strides before the first m/c, but junk food is my comfort food. And then add the stress of the move from Denver to Nashville, and the fact that the nearest Whole Foods or other healthy grocery store is a crazy long drive, and my eating habits have gone out the window. But those are all just excuses! Natural Mother Magazine on FB posts this image fairly frequently, and it makes me feel so guilty every time!


Not that making anyone feel guilty is their goal, of course, but it definitely hits me hard. I know I’m not doing anywhere close to as much as I should to provide my body with the nutrition it needs to make a healthy baby, and prenatals aren’t going to make up that difference by much. Right not my goal is to go 80/20 on eating healthy. I’ll allow myself less than healthy options 20% of the time, but I need to do well the other 80. I think that’s a lot more realistic than just vowing to completely change my eating habits cold turkey.

Also related to the plan to have a baby this year, I need more than anything to get in better shape. I took one yoga class right before we found out I was pregnant the first time, but I never went back. That will change (though it’s going to wait until I can get over this stupid cold!). I really enjoyed it, and it’s good for me. I’ve also got to figure out how to get some cardio and possibly some strength training. From what I’ve read, going through labor is similar to running a marathon, in terms of the strength and endurance required. Since having a natural birth is very important to me, it’s also important that I start preparing. If I wind up too exhausted, even a midwife may decide that I need an epidural so I can get a break, and that’s something I do not want. So exercise is very much on the list.

And lastly, I want to get back to getting serious about getting all the chemicals out of my home. For Christmas I got a large cast iron pot and skillet, and I already have a smaller skillet. I’d like to get a 1 or 2 quart pot (preferably one of each) as well. That will give me the basics I need to stop using my non-stick cookware. (Why I prefer to get away from nonstick) Cast iron has the added benefit of helping prevent anemia, which one has a higher risk of during pregnancy. We also got some stainless steel mixing bowls and colander, as well as some glass measuring cups. We already have glass “tupperware.” Ultimately the goal is to eliminate most, if not all, plastic in the house. I also want to work on making some more cleaners. I already use vinegar for most things, but I want some more options. I’m going to look into castille soap. One of my plans for the year is to, every month, spend a little of my allowance (we budget $100 each per month that we can spend on whatever we want without having to consult each other or the budget) on something natural or green for the home. Things like dryer balls, reusable “paper” towels, and an essential oil diffuser are on the list. This is a rather vague resolution, but it covers a wide variety of things. The hardest part is getting Christopher more on board. We plan to buy a new mattress this year, and I really, REALLY want to get an organic one, but I have no idea how to convince him. Oh well. Every little step matters!

Anyway, there you have my goals for this year. Some aren’t really much different from last year, but mostly it’s because they’re a continuation, not because I totally failed at them last year. (Okay, the getting more exercise, yeah I failed at that, but I did make a lot of changes to get away from chemicals last year!) I feel like they’re do-able as well. I think I’ll talk to my best friend Jo and see if she can help hold me accountable. It’s always good to have some help!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and is ready to move forward in 2014! It’s going to be a great year!


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