Well, Now I’m Kinda Confused

I had my appointment today with the Maternal-Fetal Specialist. And let me just start by saying that I LOVED her! Can she be my doctor for everything, please? It was at TN Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and I saw Dr. Kang. Hopefully none of you will ever have need to see a specialist, but if you do, I highly recommend her. She was wonderful, explained things well, and was extremely empathetic because she’s had losses in the past as well.

That being said, I wasn’t thrilled with what she had to say. Basically, the doctor who gave me the results of my blood work was wrong. I have no mutations that would predispose me to blood clotting issues. This doctor explained exactly what each of my results were, and what they meant, so I do trust that she’s right on this. (The first doctor was also acting very scatterbrained and being unclear, so honestly it’s not terribly surprising that she misinterpreted the results. I’ll be asking to see a different doctor in that practice in the future.) Which means… I’m back at square one. On the one hand, it really is good news, because I’m much less at risk in future pregnancies. On the other hand, there could still be an underlying problem and it could happen again. She said, based on everything she’s seen in my history, that I have a better than 90% chance of a successful pregnancy in the future. I’m not entirely sure where she gets that statistic, since your odds are around one in four that any given pregnancy will end in miscarriage. (Maybe the odds of 3 successive miscarriages with no established issues causing them are lower than 10%?) But it’s a reassuring thing to hear, even if I don’t quite get it.

So… I’m a little torn on how I’m feeling. I do feel optimistic, based on having talked to her. She was very encouraging. But, unfortunately, I will be more worried next time since now I don’t have any preventative measures I can take. She said to wait till this cycle is over, and then we can start trying again next month. I was rather hoping she’d give us the go ahead immediately (I’d like to be pregnant and as far along as possible when my original due date, Jan 11, gets here), but at the same time I’m still definitely not where I need to be on eating healthily and exercising, so the extra time to get on track is a good thing. And thus far, we’ve had zero problems with getting pregnant quickly, so fingers crossed that that continues to be the case. Ultimately, for now, the optimism is winning. I’m feeling very hopeful!

Anyway, that’s where things stand. Time to really put in some effort on changing my eating habits and exercise some more, so we can make us a healthy baby!



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