What I’m Up To

Since I still don’t have a job (interview with gamestop went very well, so I’m expecting that phone call in the next couple weeks!), I’ve been finding all sorts of other things to keep myself busy. To start with, as I mentioned before I’m one of the admins for a FB page called Naturally Crunchy Moms. It’s probably a little strange that I’m an admin for a “mom” page and I don’t actually have any kids (and I wasn’t even trying yet when I started), but no one takes issue with it. I started out only doing one post every day or two on there, but I’ve started looking more at what successful pages do, and they usually post more often. I’m limiting it so people don’t get annoyed, but I’ve still upped things over there a bit. I’m also looking to post a bit more on the “crunchy” side, since most of what I post is related to parenting. It’s seeing slow but steady growth.

Tip for any FB page admins out there- FB’s new “formula” to determine what shows up in people’s news feeds means that even if they’ve selected to see EVERY post from a page, every post won’t show in their news feed. It’s really dumb. They just want pages to pay to “promote” their posts, which I am so not doing. But one thing I have noticed is that it prioritizes pictures over text only posts. So include a picture in ANY post. That means not including the preview image if it’s a link. Upload your own image, even if it’s the same one that the preview would have shown, and you’ll get more views. Also, if you’re posting a link to an article, people are more likely to pay attention to it and even click the link if you include an excerpt of the text so they have a better idea whether it’s something they’d find interesting.

Anyway, sorry for that random tidbit, but FB is really annoying me with pushing for you to pay for views, so I want to encourage everyone to outsmart them wherever possible.

The next thing I’ve started working on is making some miscarriage remembrance necklaces to sell. If you search miscarriage on Etsy, you get quite a few hits, so I wanted to do something a little different. I’m terrible with pictures, especially that close up, so I have no finished products I can show on here. (I’m going to have my cousin, who is an excellent photographer, do the pictures for listing them on Etsy.) But the first one is a combination of these two charms (I swapped the red jewel for a clear one), and one pink and one blue bead.



The second design I haven’t finished yet, because I ordered the pendants online and they’re not here. They’ll be the same “love” charm, and the pink and blue bead, with this pendant. The circle next to the footprint is for a rhinestone, and I’m hoping I can find something for each month so I can do birthstones. I’ll also offer to swap the pink and blue beads for beads in the color of the appropriate birthstone on either necklace.


The first one, with the heart, is pretty neutral. No one looking at it is likely to ask any awkward questions that lead to having to explain that it’s about miscarriage. You could even wear it just because it’s pretty or what have you. The second one is a little more specific, but since the remember is on the back, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. If you look at the miscarriage jewelry on Etsy, most of it is VERY specific and likely to start conversations. And for some that’s fine, but I wanted to offer some options that are more along the lines of what I would want. I don’t mind writing about my miscarriages on here (obviously) but I don’t want to talk about them, especially not with strangers. So I prefer more subtle jewelry to wear in remembrance.

Also, a month or so ago a woman posted on some message boards I follow about how her family was being kinda crappy towards her during her pregnancy. For some reason it really bothered me, and I wanted to do something. So I sent her a private message explaining to her that I sell baby hats, and asking if she’d be willing to trust that I’m not some crazy internet stalker and give me her address so I could send her some for free, since I felt so sad about how her family was acting. Thankfully she decided to trust me and I was able to send her several. Because of the move, I only sent them last week, so I’m hoping she gets them soon!

All that to say, I’d like to be able to do things like that more. But it’s not that easy to search message boards for people who could use some baby hats to cheer them up. Enter the miscarriage necklaces. When there’s a whole board just for miscarriage, it’s pretty easy to find women who might appreciate being sent a free remembrance necklace. Some may not want any physical reminder, and some may not be willing to trust me enough to give me their address, but hopefully I can find a few who are willing and interested. I’ll sell them as well (if nothing else, to bolster my legitimacy when I’m offering to send one to someone), but I’ll keep the price low. I’m not looking to make a profit off of other women’s grief.

And that’s not all I’m working on right now! I’m apparently very ambitious when I get too bored, so I ALSO started a new FB page/group. It’s called Made With Love Auctions, and will hold bimonthly auctions to raise money for charitable causes. Right now I’m in the “spread the word” phase, trying to find vendors to donate and start establishing a fan base of people to bid on the auctions. Part of me is feeling a bit intimidated by the whole thing, and sort of what the heck was I thinking?! But I’ve already had friends messaging me asking how they can help, so I’m also feeling pretty excited. Hopefully this will be a worthwhile venture! 🙂 I used to be a part of a group that did exactly the same thing, but they’ve since stopped operating. That’s where I got the idea, and a lot of the “business model” that I’ll be following with it. Fingers crossed that we’ll be successful!

Anyway, apparently my minion hats make great Halloween costume accessories, because I’ve suddenly sold two that customers need asap, and I’m heading to Memphis first thing tomorrow! So off to work on hats!


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