News From the Doctor!

Short version- I got what I was hoping for! The blood tests did show something, but it was relatively minor. Yay!

 (Really absurdly) long version- My appointment today was at 1:20, so I spent most of the morning basically trying to focus on other things and not freak out. Lots of puppy cuddles and reading my current Star Wars book. I also played around on the internet some and got myself thoroughly irritated by Common Core education standards, but that’s another story. When it was finally time to go, I put on my music really loud for the drive. I’m not sure Enya is what normal people blast, but it’s the only cd I had in my car, and the louder the music was, the less room there was in my head for worried thoughts.

Christopher met me there (yay for a husband who comes to these sorts of appointments with me!), and we sat in the waiting room for a bit. He could tell I was super nervous, so he was saying random stuff to distract me. At one point he mentioned that if they said we couldn’t safely have kids, we could probably find someone to be a surrogate mother for us. I, not thinking, suggested his (twin) sister. The look on his face was worth how stupid I felt for saying it. ^_^

We didn’t have to wait terribly long in the waiting room or after they took us back. I had not actually met this doctor yet (last time I saw the nurse practitioner), so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. She turned out to be very nice, which was a huge improvement over the doctor I saw in Denver that I couldn’t stand. However, neither of us were really impressed with how well she explained things and she seemed pretty scatterbrained. I plan to request to see a different doctor in the practice next time, and if I stay with them, to possibly request to just see the nurse practitioner most of the time, since I loved her. I know she wouldn’t be the one to attend the birth, but I’m not worried about that. I’ll spend far more time going to appointments throughout pregnancy than I will during the actual birth, so as long as I’m happy with the doctors and feel comfortable with them, I’m fine with not having seen the same one every time. It’s not like I get a guarantee as to which one will attend the birth anyway.

So. That was a lot of back story that you don’t care about, just to get to the actual test results. As I said above, the tests did show something. It was apparently genetic testing looking for mutations that can cause issues, primarily blood clotting issues. As it turns out, I do NOT have any of the major ones, such as Factor V. This is good news. I do have two more minor mutations that lead to a higher risk of blood clots. She also said that essentially they don’t stack, so having two is not worse, but I have to admit I don’t understand how that’s possible. Wouldn’t having two different mutations that cause clotting disorders make you more likely to have issues than just having one? Dunno. She kept throwing around the word thrombophilia, but that just seems to be the fancy word for blood clotting disorder.

Also, Christopher says I don’t get to be an X-man because I have these mutations. I say he’s no fun.

Anyway, she made it clear that this is essentially good news. It is treatable, and not all big scary bad. (I might be paraphrasing.) I might wind up just on baby aspirin, or they may have me take something stronger as well (it was not said whether it would involve shots, but we’re just gonna assume it doesn’t so I don’t freak out). She referred me to a Maternal-Fetal Specialist. Their office will make the appointment for me, so I don’t know yet when that will be, but I did request the first available so hopefully soon! She also said I will be classified as high risk when I get pregnant, but that we’d discuss that further once it actually happened. From what I was told at the last appointment, there’s a good chance this means I’ll have to see both a regular doctor and the specialist throughout any pregnancies. Yay for even more appointments! >_<

All that to say, I’m quite happy with the news. Of course, ideally one wants to have no issues and be perfectly healthy and not have any cause for worry during pregnancy. But since that option has already gone out the window, this is the next best thing. I didn’t want there to be nothing shown by the tests, because I’d be terrified the next time I got pregnant. And I definitely didn’t want it to be anything major. I was thoroughly freaked out by the thought that I might have to do a ton of shots, or worse, that there might just be nothing they could do and I couldn’t have kids. So I am pleased to be able to both have answers, and not have those answers be too scary.

Side note- I’m not sure I was right to try to not think about it beforehand. My blood pressure was high enough that the nurse seemed worried, and I actually have borderline low blood pressure. I was really nervous! Then again, thinking about it ahead of time might have just meant I kept my blood pressure up all the time, instead of just in the few hours before my appointment, so maybe I did right. Who knows? 🙂