Getting the good news

Still gonna have to wait to post this till I announce, but why not go ahead and write it? ^_^  So here we have how I found out I was pregnant, round two.

Things were a little different this time. The first time, I was totally laid back, Christopher was working a ton, and we barely even managed to baby dance all of maybe 3 times that entire month. This time I was charting (, using OPK’s (ovulation predictor kits), insisting on timing the BDing, and generally driving Christopher nuts. I took my first pregnancy test something like 7dpo (days post-ovulation), which is absurdly early. Of course, it was very negative. But I bought a big pack of the Wondfo brand cheapies, so I had plenty to “waste.” And I thought seeing negatives early, when it wasn’t upsetting because there was virtually no chance of getting a positive, would make it easier to get negatives later when it mattered. Not really sure that was good logic, but I really have a love for peeing on tests. (For the record, many women who are trying to get pregnant are just as nutty or nuttier, so no thinking I’m totally insane.)

So negative at 7dpo, and 8, and in the morning on 9. Then in the afternoon on 9, I committed the cardinal sin of looking at a test well past the 10 minute window. You can get evaporation lines and such after the test has sat out a while, so that’s a big no-no. But I did, and there was this SUPER faint line. Like, tilt your head exactly so and squint just right and then you could see it. So, like any sane person would do, I took another. ^_^ Same thing. Major squinter well after the window. So I felt a teensy bit hopeful but knew better than to take it seriously.

Next morning, I tested again. It looked negative, but when I got out of the shower there was a definite faint line. This was outside of the 10 minute window, but not by hours like the day before. I did show it to Christopher to confirm, but I played it down as much as I could when I realized that I wasn’t planning to show him right away so what was I doing! I have no idea if he believed my “don’t get hopeful, I’m not really supposed to have looked at it so long after taking it. It could be an evap line.”

I killed some time to look less suspicious, and then told him I needed to go to the library. Actually, I went straight to Walgreens to get some digital tests. I had the foresight to bring a dixie cup with me, so I took one of the digis in the library bathroom. And it was positive! I was super shocked. For some reason I never really believe I’m pregnant, even once I start seeing positives. So I went straight to Target and found a set of onesies to give Christopher for his birthday, and a birthday card. By then he was calling me since I had said I was going straight to the library and back.


So there you have Christopher’s early birthday present. He was sick with a cold/sinus infection, so I’m not sure how enthused he was, but he’s definitely happy. Though seriously, I need to buy some non-sports onesies. I have 5 now, and all are sports!

There was a little drama the next day when I took the second digi and it came up negative. But based on continued testing, it looks like my issue is that they tell you to use the first pee of the day, and for me that isn’t the case! I get much stronger positives in the afternoon. And I’ve been testing everyday cause I’m awesome like that, and I’m getting steadily darkening lines. So I’m passed the worries about a chemical pregnancy, and on to the just enjoying it part! I am still waiting for the results of the 48 hour blood test (check twice, 48 hours apart, to make sure levels are rising appropriately), but honestly everything feels so on track that I’m not anxiously awaiting results or anything. I am pregnant, I am excited, and now I think it’s time for a nap cause holy wow this is wiping me out!


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