Trip to Europe- Flights Home- Day 10

Alright, last day was boring and uneventful (thankfully), so I’ll try to keep it short. We got up annoyingly early and the hotel shuttle thing took us to the airport. No milk again, since it was so early. Sadface. I got some at the airport though. Delightfully, when we got there all the computers were down. Not just Delta’s, all of them. That was interesting. We waited in some very confusing lines and barely kept from yelling at the employees who couldn’t seem to just get one person to stand up and say where to go, even after we’d figured out they’d put us in the wrong line.

But we did finally get through, and security was quick (though stricter than the US on the liquids thing. We *never* put ours in a baggie, but we had to there). The gate hadn’t been announced, but by the time we got some breakfast it had. We got on the flight (yay!) but I was really worried for a bit because they called my name but not Christopher’s and I did NOT want to fly back by myself. But they had just forgotten to say his too, so we were fine, and even got seats together which was even better. I slept for a good chunk of the flight home, and read and ate for the rest. Christopher watched 3 movies. Even though we were in coach this time, the movies were still free, and there was free alcohol, which I’ve never heard of in coach.

At Atlanta we had a very short layover and had to get through customs, so we really didn’t think we’d make it. We literally ran for part of it. And then when we got there, the flight was overbooked by 4 and there were 15 people ahead of us on standby, so we figured no way we’d make it. But somehow we managed to get the last two seats (again, together!). That flight was even shorter and less eventful, aside from the fact that unsurprisingly, our luggage didn’t make it on that flight. We picked it up the next day though, so no harm done.
We made it home early enough to pick up the puppies, which was a huge plus. They were very happy to see us! A little sickly (two upset tummies and a sprained tail, as I mentioned), but super excited.

And that was our trip!


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