Trip to Europe- Paris- Flights and Day 1

Note, this is copied directly from an email to my mother, so anytime it says “you” or something along those lines, it’s referring to her.


We are in Paris! It’s also 8:45pm, which is weird.  I’ve never been anywhere with such a drastic time difference.

The flight here was interesting. We got the last two available seats in business class! I’ve never even seen “business class,” much less flown in it. The seats literally recline completely flat so you can lay down. And the pillows are real pillows, not those silly flat ones, and the blankets were nice and almost too warm. And we had our own little tv screens with remotes and lots of free movies. I watched Wrath of the Titans and part of the Hobbit. Though for some reason my tv had subtitles in Korean that wouldn’t go away. And later they changed to some other Asian language that I didn’t recognize. Was odd. 
The food was really good too. We had our choice of 5 main dishes, and I got the braised short ribs, which were delicious. And there were shrimp and soup and salad and dessert. Unfortunately it still wasn’t enough food with my appetite lately, even though I ate Christopher’s green beans. Ah well, better get used to it.

I didn’t get too much sleep. You were right, even with the comfy accommodations it’s hard to sleep. I should have taken part of a Unisom, but by the time I realized I was going to have trouble  I was afraid that’d make me *too* sleepy. Christopher couldn’t sleep at all, so I guess I’m just glad to have gotten a few hours. 

When we got here customs was way easy. Just stamped our passports and let us go. I’m used to getting all kinds of questions about bringing in plants and stuff. I guess that’s the difference between going somewhere like Jamaica and going to Europe. (Note, on further thought I believe we’ve only gotten those questions returning to the US.)
We took a taxi to the bed and breakfast we’re staying at. It’s so weird. You see on tv that people just go in a door between businesses to get to their apartments, but it’s still strange. It’s a nice little place, and they only have the one room so we don’t have a bunch of people here to share a bathroom with or anything. A bit cold, but they’ve  been having unseasonably cold weather. A bunch of people outside were wearing winter-y clothes, and I bought a hat for 5 euros cause my ears were too cold.
We walked down to the Arc de’Triomph when we got here. It’s about 3 blocks away. Very cool. Bigger than I expected. We’re going to go up closer tomorrow after we get our Paris Passes because that’s included and it costs money otherwise. 
We had what I guess was breakfast but I thought was lunch at a little pizza place. Turns out, don’t order pizza with egg on it here. They just sort of drop an egg on it and it cooks the tiniest possible bit and is basically all raw. Which is gross but even if it wasn’t I can’t have undercooked eggs at all. But I ate around it and it was pretty good pizza. Very good mozzarella. And Christopher, being Christopher, struck up a conversation with the older British couple next to us, so we got to talk to them a bunch. Was interesting. And I finally figured out that this one accent I’ve been wondering about is from Manchester. 
Then we walked down to the Eiffel Tower. It’s about a twenty minute walk, which isn’t bad except it’s downhill the whole way there, so coming back was bleh. It was cool though. It’s really big. Which I knew, but it’s still the first thing I thought was how big it is. We thought about going up it but the line was crazy long, so we decided it wasn’t worth it. We got some ice cream instead. I also meant to go touch it cause for some reason I like to touch things, but I forgot. We’re going back that way tomorrow so I will then. That was also the first we saw of the Seinne, which is apparently pronounced sort of like “sane.”  Surprisingly hard to explain to anyone that we were trying to ask how to pronounce it.
Around that time we decided it MUST be getting later so we went to look for some dinner for me. Christopher had his leftover pizza. We got me some very tasty pesto pasta (it appears we came to France to eat Italian food) and brought it back to the room with us. But when Christopher paid he noticed the receipt said it was only 2pm. I would have sworn it was no earlier than 5, probably later. My time is all off! We were too tired to stay up any later, so we took a nap. Which was supposed to be half an hour or so, and turned into 5-ish hours. But I feel much better, yet still sleepy enough to go to bed on time, so I think it was a good idea. 
The lady said they’d have coffee and pastries fresh from the bakery in the morning! Yum!
Alright, time to watch some Netflix (which is not allowed here, btw. You have to vpn into an American line and go through that. Very strange.) and then back to bed.

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